Department of Electronics and Communication Systems

The Department of Electronics and Communication Systems was established in the academic year 2002 PG course, which has now developed with modern facilities and state of art equipments to cater the needs of curriculum as well as advanced research providing an enthusiastic atmosphere for the students to work around.

  1. Research Programme
    • Ph.D in Electronics
Syllabus and Curriculum
Name Qualification Designation Email ID
Dr.S.Saira Banu M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D Professor & Head
Dr.R.Prema M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D Associate Professor
C.Priyadarsini M.Sc., M.Phil, Assistant Professor
A.Sanjay Gandhi M.Sc., M.Phil., (Ph.D) Assistant Professor
Dr.S.Muthukrishnan M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D Assistant Professor
Dr.G.Chinnasamy M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Assistant Professor
  • Staff room – 1
  • Class room – 3
  • Electronics Lab– I
  • Electronics Lab – II

Major Equipment’s

  • Analog to Digital Converter Kit
  • Delta / Adaptive Modulation Kit
  • Differential Pulse Code Modulation
  • Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  • Strain Gauge Measurement Kit
  • Wheat Stone Bridge Kit
  • LVDT Characteristics Kit
  • Digital Storage Oscilloscope


  • Department library – 1

Lab Photos

Paper publications by the Faculty Members

Best Five Papers Faculty wise:

Dr. S.Saira Banu

  1. Kalvikkarasi, S. and SairaBanu, S. 2016. An Enhanced VLSI Architecture of Calculating Power Spectral Density Based on Welch Method. Middle-East Journal of Scientific Research. 24: 171-178.
  2. SairaBanu, S. and Shafiq Mansoor, J. 2017. A New Enhanced Energy Efficient Multipath Routing Approach for Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal of Engineering Researches and Management Studies. 4: 07 – 14.
  3. Kalvikkarasi, S. and SairaBanu, S. 2017. An economical modified VLSI Architecture for computing power spectral density supported Welch method. International Journal of Knowledge based and Intelligent Engineering Systems. 21: 39 – 51.
  4. SairaBanu, S. Kalvikkarasi, S. and Aruna, R. 2018. An Enhanced Energy Efficient Secure Multipath Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal of Industrial Electronics and Electrical Engineering. 6: 54-58.
  5. SairaBanu, S. and Amal Saroj, 2018. An Improved Technique for Hiding Secret Image on Colour Images Using DWT, DCT, SVD. International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology. 5: 1120-1124.


  1. Prema, R. 2016. AES Algorithm Based Secure Data Transmission for Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. 11: 3670-3674.
  2. Prema, R. Subramanian, K. and Senthilvel, B. 2017. Automatic Aircraft Parking Systems. International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology. 3: 358 –361.
  3. Prema R. 2017. Automatic Overspeed Control System for the School and College Zone. International Journal of Scientific Research in Science and Technology. 3: 361 –364.
  4. Prema, R. 2018. Sink Transposes Bordering Algorithm to Improve Packet Gathering in Wireless Sensor Networks. Journal of Advanced Research in Dynamic and Control Systems. 10:324-334.
  5. Prema, R. 2018. Applications of Highly Secured Wireless Sensor Networks. International Journal for Trends in Engineering and Technology. 31: 11-13.

C. Priyadarsini

  1. Priyadarsini.C, Prema.R.2016. A Survey on Secure and Energy Efficient Data Aggregation for Wireless Sensor Network. IJAREEIE.
  2. Priyadarsini.C, Prema.R. 2017. Secure Data Aggregation Routing Protocol (SDARP)for Wireless Sensor Network. Journal of Advance Research in Dynamical & Control Systems.
  3. Priyadarsini.C, Prema.R. 2017. Maximizing Network lifetime using HECC Algorithm for Wireless sensor network.Journal of Karpagam
  4. Priyadarsini.C, Prema.R. 2017. Energy Aware Cluster Based Data Aggregation Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks. IJPAM.

A.Sanjay Gandhi

  1. SanjayGandhi.A SairaBanu.S.2017 Investigation on Reliability based Certificate Authentication Scheme for Authentication in WSN. IJDCS.
  2. SanjayGandhi.A SairaBanu.S.2017 Fuzzy based data gathering scheme for scalability in WSN. IJPAM
  3. SanjayGandhi.A SairaBanu.S.2017 Certain Investigation on secure multicast Authenticated Scheme for data integrity in WSN. IJPAM


  1. Muthukrishnan, S. Venkat Subramaniam, 2015. Thin Film Solar Cells Novel Approaches By Different Method of Techniques. Inter. Jour of Chemical Concepts. 149: 2395-4256.
  2. Muthukrishnan, S. Venkat Subramaniam, Mahalingam, T. Helen, S.J. Sumathi, P. 2016. Structural, Optical and Electrical Properties of CuO Thin Films Prepared By Spray Pyrolysis. Asian Jour of Sci and Technology. 3574: 3574-3576.
  3. Muthukrishnan, S. Venkat Subramaniam, Mahalingam, T. Helen, S.J. Sumathi, P. 2016. Improved Properties of Spray pyrolysed Copper Oxide Nanocrystalline Thin Films. Jour of Mater Sci : Mater Sci in Electronics. 3574: 3574-3576.
  4. Muthukrishnan, S. 2018. Continuous Production of WS2 Nanoparticles by Co-Precipitation Method. Advanc in Mater Sci and Engg. 1: 1687-8442.


  1. Chinnasamy.G .2017. Design of Quantum Circuits Using Second Order Poisson equation for Quantum Imaging. IJPAM.

EventsNational Conferences

      1. National conference on recent trends in communication control and computing on third week of February 2018.
      2. One day National Workshop was conducted on 7th September, 2017 in the topic “Mobile Application development using Android SDK” with Mr.P Sudarshan, Project manger Arcentz Technologies, Coimbatore AS a resource person.
      3. Two days Workshop was conducted on 9th Feb 2017 in the topic Industrial Automation using PLC and SCADA with Mr.K.Sundararaj, General Manager of Casthuri Builders, Coimbatore. Mr.J.Prabhu, Manager- Technical, Atlantic Drives and Controls, Coimbatore, as a resource person.

Workshops and Training Programmes

      1. One day Training Programme on “Mobile Application Development” on 31/7/2018, Mr.Moideen Raja, Managing Director, Uniq Technologies, Coimbatore handled the session.
      2. One day Workshop on “PLC and its Industrial Applications” on 26/9/2018, Mr. J. Prabhu, Technical Manager, Atlantic Drives and Controls, accepted to handle the programme.
      3. A Training Program was conducted on 10th January 2017, Solar Energy- Solar electric Design and installation with Mr.Ravin, Training Head, MAS Solar System, Institute of Training and Research, Coimbatore, as a resource person.
      4. A Training Program was conducted on 28th February 2017, Cell Phone Servicing and Maintenance with Mr.B.Krishna Kumar, Managing Director, New Technologies, Coimbatore, As a resource person.
      5. A Training Program was conducted on 18th August 2017 Schematic and PCB Layout Designing with Mr.R.Ramesh, Embedded development Engineer, Coimbatore, as a resource person.

Guest Lecture

    1. Conducted a Guest Lecture on “Application of Signal Processing for 3D Printing” on 19/9/2018, Mr. Gowreesh Prabhu, Proprietor, Proto Methods, Coimbatore handled the session.
    2. One day training program on multi core processor architecture and programming on march 2018.
    3. Invited lecture on topic ARM micro controller on second week of January 2018.
    4. One day training programme on signal and image processing on 4 week of December 2017.
    5. A Guest Lecture on Advancement in the field of Biomedical Instrumentation was conducted with Mr.N.Nandhakumar, Proprietor, Prime Biomedical Systems, and Tiruppur as the Resource Person on 04.08.2017.
    6. A Guest Lecture on Innovation and opportunities in the field of electronics was conducted with Mr.I.Irfan , Project Manager Arete Global , Saudi Arabia as the Resource Person on 06.07.2017.
    7. A Guest Lecture on Industrial instrumentation and automation was conducted with Mr.G.Manjunmathan , Managing Director, Piroot Technologies, Coimbatore as the Resource Person on 09.01.2017.