Department of Automobile Engineering

The Department of Automobile Engineering was established in the year 2010. The department draws its strength from a team of dedicated faculty members with both academic and industrial experience. The department offers UG programme in Automobile Engineering stream. The department is well equipped with laboratories such as, two and three wheeler laboratory, automotive engine and components laboratory, automotive chassis and transmission laboratory, automotive electrical and electronics laboratory, automotive scanning and vehicle maintenance laboratory and automobile vehicle maintenance and reconditioning laboratory.

Among the various activities of the department, the KAHE Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) outshines with its many guest lectures by eminent personalities from academic and industrial background. Our students have won second prize for “Best Build Quality Award” in BAJA SAE 2012 national level competition. In addition to that our students have also participated in SUPRA (F1 car modeling and fabrication competition and EFFICYLE (hybrid three-wheeler) competition. Apart from the national level participation, students also participate in international level competition like Formula UniMAP 2013 – Malaysia. Frequent industrial visits to renowned industries are one of the key activities of the department. The SAE plays a very important role in mobilizing student participation by conducting various quiz competitions and seminars. The department owns a separate library with a wide collection of journals, SAE magazines and books. Automobile Engineering Association (AEA) is actively conducting various conferences, workshops, symposiums, etc. The department maintains a close liaison with several


  • The Vision of the Department is to produce globally competent Engineers through value-based quality education with scientific research capability for the needs of the automotive Industries and sustainable development of the society.


  • To provide high quality education with interdisciplinary skills through teaching-learning process, state of the art laboratories, vehicle fabrication and research facilities. To have a close interaction with professional bodies, industries and research centers to develop a high standard of academic excellence through technology, collaborative research projects and innovation. To encourage professional responsibility, moral and ethical values and importance of life-long learning. educational institutions and industries in and out of the country through faculty research and collaborative projects.


  1. Under Graduate Programme
    • B.E. Automobile Engineering
Name Qualification Designation Email ID Profile
Dr.P.Shanmughasundaram M.E., Ph.D. Professor Click Here
Dr.A.Sivanantham M.Tech., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Click Here
Dr.K.Sathish Kumar M.Tech., Ph.D. Assistant Professor Click Here
Mr.P.K.Miniappan M.E., (Ph.D.) Assistant Professor Click Here

Research Laboratories

1.Leonardo Research Centre for Tribology

Leonardo Research Centre for Tribology is established to find new materials for automotive applications. The Pin on Disc Friction and Wear Test Rig is primarily intended for determining the tribological characteristics (wear and friction) of a wide range of materials (example: heat and cold treated materials, coated components, composite materials) under various conditions of normal load, velocity and temperatures with or without lubricants.

2.Rudolf Diesel Centre for Alternative Fuels, Engines and Emissions

The “Variable Compression Ratio Engine Test Rig” (VCR Engine) is primarily intended for analyzing the performance of an internal combustion engine using various biofuels. Five gas analyzer and smoke meter are used to analyze the emission characteristics of the engine. This lab is utilized for R&D projects, consultancy works, UG/PG students and research scholars’ projects.

Students’ Laboratories

  1. Two and Three Wheeler Laboratory
  2. Automotive Engine and Components Laboratory
  3. Automotive Chassis and Transmission Laboratory
  4. Automotive Electrical and Electronics Laboratory
  5. Automotive Scanning and Vehicle Maintenance Laboratory
  6. Automobile Vehicle Maintenance and Reconditioning Laboratory

Dr. P. Shanmughasundaram

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Mr. A. Sivanantham

  1. A.Sivanantham, S. Manivannan and S. P. Kumaresh Babu, Parametric Optimization of Dissimilar TIG Welding of AISI 304L and 430 Steel Using Taguchi Analysis, Materials Science Forum, 969, 625-630, 2019.
  2. A.Sivanantham, S. Manivannan and P. Shanmughasundaram, Effect of ATIG Welding Process Factors on the Wear Behavior of AISI 316L, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering, 8(3), 6547-6550, 2019.
  3. S.Manivannan, B. Narenthiran, A. Sivanantham and S.P. Kumaresh Babu, Microstructural and Corrosion Studies by Immersion in 3.5% NaCl Solution on Aged Mg-9Al-1Zn-XCa Alloy, Materials Science Forum, 969, 93–97, 2019.

Mr. G. Jayabalaji

  1. Jayabalaji and P. Shanmughasundaram, The Effect of Nozzle-Opening Pressure on the Performance and Emission Parameters of a Diesel Engine Operated on Aphanizomenon Flos Biodiesel-Titanium Dioxide (Tio2) Nanofluid-Diesel Blend, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology, 9(1), 6163-6167, 2019.
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  3. Sivanesan and G. Jayabalaji, Modelling, Analysis and Simulation of Clutch Engagement Judder and Stick­Slip, SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars—Mechanical Systems, 10(1),54-64, 2017.

Dr.K.Sathish Kumar

  1. Sathish Kumar and K. Balasubramaniam, Simulations and Experiments for the Detection of Flow-Assisted Corrosion in Pipes, Journal of Pressure Vessel Technology, 137 (6), 061409-(1–10), 2015.

Guest Lectures / Seminars / Workshops


  1. One-day workshop was organized on advanced materials used in electric vehicles on 30.01.2020.
  2. One-day workshop on hands-on training in ANSYS was organized on 31.07.2019.
  3. One day workshop was organized on PLC Programming on 30.01.2018. Technical experts from Axis Global Automation, Chennai were invited as the resource persons
  4. One day workshop was conducted in association with Indian Welding Society on 10.03.2017. The expert members N.Murugan, Patron IWS Coimbatore Chapter,
  5. One Day Workshop was organized in association with Society of Automotive Engineers on 11.03.2017 on Emerging Technologies in Automotive Sector.  The expert members Mr. S. Shanmugam, Vice Chairman, SAE India Southern Section, and Mr.K.Arunkumar Senior Territory Manager Mahindra & Mahindra, Mumbai addressed the students on advanced technologies in the field of automotive sector.
  6. A one day workshop on Automotive Architecture was organized on 16.09.2017. Mr.C.Saravanan, Technical Architect, Continental Automotive Components Pvt Ltd,Mr.P.Dhanapal, Senior Technical Specialist, Continental Automotive Components Pvt Mr.K.Ravishankar, Manager-Product Development Cycle, Continental Automotive Components and Mr.A.Sanjeev, Project Manager, Continental Automotive Components Pvt Ltd were invited as the resource persons.
  7. A one day workshop on ‘Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing’ was conducted on 03.11.2016.

Guest Lecture

  1. Guest lecture was arranged on electric vehicle technology on 27.01.2020. Mr.S. Sivakumar, Associate Professor, Department of Automobile Engineering, Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore-641049 addressed students on the development of hybrid electric vehicles.
  2. Guest lecture was arranged on Electric vehicle battery thermal management system on 04.01.2020.
  3. Guest lecture was conducted on applications of CAD Tools on 06.08.2019
  4. Guest lecture was arranged on application of PLC System on 29.01.2018. External expert member from Axis Global Automation, Chennai addressed students on the application of PLC in industries.
  5. Guest lecture was arranged on Jigs and Fixtures on 17.01.2018. Expert member Mr.S.Senniappan, B.E., M/S BINDIA tools Coimbatore addressed students on various types of jigs and fixtures and its applications in automation industries.
  6. Guest lecture was arranged on Non Destructive Testing on 25.08.2017. Velandi, CEO, Blue Ray Technologies, Coimbatore, addressed students about the use of Non Destructive Testing.
  7. Guest lecture was arranged on Career Guidance on 09.08.2017. Expert member Mr.Rakshit Kannan, H.R.Manager, VKC Foot care India Pvt ltd, Coimbatore addressed the students about career.
  8. Guest lecture on Automotive Architecture was conducted on 06.03.2017.Mr. Saravanan Chellamuthu, Technical Architect ECU Design, Continental Automotive Components India Pvt Ltd , Bangalore addressed the students.
  9. Mr. Alfred Vinod Antony delivered a lecture on ‘Product development in Automobile Industry’ on 28.03.2016.

Industrial Visits

Sl. No. Date Company
1. 02/12/2019 Origin Cadd Infotech, Coimbatore.
2. 18/09/2019 Laxmi Machine Works Limited, Coimbatore.



Axis Global Institute of Industrial Training, Coimbatore.
4. 09/01/2019 HAL Heritage Centre and Aerospace Museum, Bengaluru.
5. 08/01/2019 Aarnika Industries, Hosur.
6. 07/01/2019 Mas Solar Systems Private Limited, Malumichampatti, Coimbatore.
7. 14/12/2018 NLC India Limited, Neyveli.
8. 11/12/2018 Sri Hari Bus Body Builders, Karur.
9. 07/12/2018 Signals and Telecommunication Workshop, Podanur, Coimbatore.
10. 08/09/2017 Hyundai Motor India Limited, Chennai.
11. 07/10/2017 Titan Company Limited, Hosur.
12. 07/07/2017 Ramani Nissan, Volkswagen and SRT Tata Service Stations by Autogurukul, Coimbatore.
13. 17/07/2017 Agri INTEX 2017, Coimbatore.
14. 18/02/2017 Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Kagithapuram, Karur.
15. 18/02/2017 Gass Forest Museum, Coimbatore.
16. 17/02/2017 Regional Science Center, Coimbatore.
17. 08/02/2017 G. D. Naidu Car Museum, Coimbatore.
18. 08/02/2017 FESTO Mechatronics Lab, Coimbatore.
19. 31/01/2017 TI Automotive India Private Limited, Sriperumbudur, Chennai.
20. 28/01/2017 Sakthi Auto Components Limited, Perudurai, Erode.
21. 21/01/2017 Combact Vehicles Research & Development Establishment, Avadi, Chennai.
22. 18/01/2017 Ramani Nissan, Volkswagen and SRT Tata Service Stations by Autogurukul, Coimbatore.
23. 30/09/2016 Eicher Service Station and Warehouse, Coimbatore.
24. 29/09/2016 Efficient Engineering Products, Malumichampatti, Coimbatore.
25. 06/09/2016 Indoshell Cast Private Limited, Coimbatore.
26. 24/08/2016 Ammarun Foundry, Saravanampatti, Coimbatore.
27. 17/03/2016 ZF Wind Power, Karumathampatti, Coimbatore.
28. 10/02/2016 TÜV Rheinland Welding Institute, Pollachi, Coimbatore.