Mobility Program

The Students and faculty at KAHE may apply to participate in exchange programs with partner institutions worldwide. The length of each program will be determined as mentioned in the respective MoU. The students who want to pursue through exchange program shall contact the OIR for further details. Students for the in-bound mobility program are according to the terms and conditions as mentioned in the MoU.


Details of Students, Supervisors and Title of project
Student: Prashanna Raju Pushpalatha,Chemical Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. Yana Ne, Thompson Rivers University
Project Title: Environmental gas flow in heterogeneous porous media
Student: Athira Puthettunirappel Suresh,Chemical Engineering
Supervisor: Prof. Hector De la Hoz Siegler, University of Calgary
Project Title: Smart Hydrogel Carriers for Health and Environmental Applications
Student: Faiyaz Ahamed Mohideen Basha,<Biotechnology,
Supervisor: Prof. A H M Fazle Rabbi Chowdhury, University of Regina
Project Title: Shining a (synchrotron) light on microbes and mine waste geochemistry
Student: Hariniha S,Bio Technology
Supervisor: Prof.Kalindi Morgan, University of Northern British Columbia
Project Title: Natural Bioproduct discovery from insect microbiome
Student: Nilasha Maria W,Bio Technology
Supervisor: Prof. Qiuyan Yuan, University of Manitoba
Project Title: Investigating microplastics in wastewater treatment process using microfluidic device
Student: Ashwin Das Mohan,Bio Medical Engineering
Supervisor: Prof . Sven Achenbach, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan
Project Title: Micro/nano-fluidics processing for biomedical applications and on-flow chemistry at the Canadian Light Source.

Universiti Teknologi MARA(UiTM), Malaysia

Virtual Exchange Program- Projects

Name of the student Department Supervisor Name Project Title
ABOORVAN. B Mathematics DR. SITI KHUZAIMAH SOID A Bioconvection flow of MHD Micropolar Fluid containing Gyrotactic Microorganisms over an Exponentially Horizontal Surface
ARUNA. B Mathematics Dr. K. KALIDASS & DR. SITI AIDA SHEIKH HUSSIN Steady state behaviour of multiple variant hiatus queues with a waiting server
DHARSHINI. D Mathematics ASSOC. PROF. DR. SERIPAH AWANG KECHIL Hybrid Nanoparticles Transfer in Forced Convective Darcy-Forchheimer Flow over a Rotating Disk with Internal Heat Generation
GAYATHRI SRI. M Mathematics DR. NORMI BT ABDUL HADI Complex Trigonometric Quadratic Bezier Curve
HEMA. S Mathematics PROF. DR. NOR AZURA MD. GHANI Efficient Algorithm to Detect Non-Masked Face using Facial Image Processing including Social Distancing
ISHWARYA. N Mathematics DR. VINCENT DANIEL A/L DAVID GEORGE Perturbation Analysis of Steady Magnetohydrodynamics Fluid with and without Dufour Number past an Infinite Vertical Plate
KAVIYA.D Mathematics PROF. DR DAUD MOHAMAD A New Similarity Measure for Generalized Fuzzy Topsis Method
NITHYA. R Mathematics DR. ABDUL KADIR JUMAAT Selective Segmentation based on Gaussian Regularization Model for Vector Valued Image
RAMAMOORTHY. M Mathematics DR. SUHAILA BINTI ABD HALIM Machine Learning Approach for Heart Attack Prediction
SURYAKUMAR. B Mathematics AIDA WATI ZAINAN ABIDIN A Study on Prediction of Myocardial Infarction using Binary Logistic Regression
POOTHINESH KUMAR. P Mathematics DR. ADZHAR RAMBLI Red Wine Quality Prediction using multiple Linear Regression Modelling
SIVANANDHINI. D Mathematics DR. MAZNI MOHAMAD Modelling the Road Accident in India using Multiple Linear Regression with R Programming
AJAY. K Mathematics ASSOC. PROF. DR. S.SARIFAH RADIAH SHARIFF Optimization of Public Bus Transportation
ABINAYA. M Mathematics DR. SUMARNI ABU BAKAR Graph Theory and Matrix Approach as a Decision Analysis Tool for Smartphone Selection in Coimbatore
JAYABHARATHI. P Mathematics DR. VINCENT DANIEL A/L DAVID GEORGE Approximate Analytical Solution of Forced Korteweg-de Vries Equation using Homotopy Analysis Method
KANIMOZHI. G Mathematics DR. SITI MERIAM ZAHARI Impact of Macroeconomic Variables on Gross Domestic Product of India by using Linear Regression
KAYALVIZHI. M Mathematics DR. NURAIN IBRAHIM Perception on Open and Distance Learning (ODL) during COVID-19 pandemic based on impeding factors among KAHE students using Binary Logistic Regression
SANGAVI. N Mathematics DR. NORSHAHIDA SHAADAN The Effect of Data Normalization in Air Pollution Model of Visakhapatnam City: A Case Study using Support vector Machine
KAVI PRIYA. M Mathematics ASSOC. PROF. DR. ADIBAH SHUIB Application of Integer Linear Programming Model for the Bus-Route Optimization of the Public Bus Services

Projects Completed under Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS, Malaysia

Name of the student Dept Project title External Supervisor
Annett Tajan ECE Sound Sensors for Home Security Dr AzrinaBt Abd Aziz
Sheik Mohammed S Development of Animal Detection using Wireless Sensor Networks
IoT Based Health Monitoring System Dr Azlan B Awang
Nallaparaju Abhiram Varma
Yerragolla Nikhil Nanda Yadav CSE SVM Algorithm for content improvement Dr DhanapalDurai Dominic
Random forest algorithm for improving the content
E-Commerce Reviews Based on Sentiment Similarity Analysis Dr VijanthSagayan a/l Asirvadam
D.Hariharaa EEE Battery Management System of Electric Vehicle Dr Taib B Ibrahim
U.Hariharan Power Train Using Battery Model Hybrid

Electric Car (HEV)

Dr Ramani Kannan
P.Kesavadharani Hybrid Energy Storage System Interface for Electric Vehicles
A Suresh Kumar

Projects Completed under Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam, Malaysia

Students Name Expertise Supervisor Name
Abinaya M Graph Theory Dr. Sumarni Abu Bakar,
Ajay K Optimization Dr. S.Sarifah Radiah Shariff,
Jayabharathi P Numerical Dr. Vincent Daniel A/L David George,
Kavipriya M Optimization Dr. Adibah Shuib,
Kanimozhi G Regression Dr. Siti Meriam Zahari,
Kayalvizhi Statistical Modeling Dr. Nurain Ibrahim,
Sangavi N R Prog Dr. Norshahida Shaadan,
Aboorvan B Boundary Layer Dr. Siti Khuzaimah Soid,
Aruna B Stochastic Modeling Dr. Siti Aida Sheikh Hussin,
Dharshini D Boundary Layer Dr. Seripah Awang Kechil,
Gayathri Sri M Image Processing Dr. Normi Bt Abdul Hadi,
Hema S Image Processing Dr. Nor Azura Md. Ghani
Ishwarya N Boundary Layer Dr. Vincent Daniel A/L David George,
Kaviya D Fuzzy Math Prof. Dr Daud Mohamad,
Nithya R Image Processing Dr. Abdul Kadir Jumaat,
Ramamoorthy M ML Dr. Suhaila Binti Abd Halim,
Suryakumar B ML Dr. Nor Azura Md. Ghani,
Poothinesh Kumar P R Prog Dr. Adzhar Rambli,
Sivanandhini D R Prog Dr. Mazni Mohamad
Name of the University Name of the Course Name of the Professor No of Students Completed
ASIA UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN Data Science Dr. Cheng-Yuan Ho , Asso. Professor,
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering,
Chief of Development Division in the Big Data Research Center
ASIA UNIVERSITY, TAIWAN Digital Image Processing Prof. Rung-Sheng Chen, Asso. Professor,
Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering,
Director, Armaments Bureau Manufacturing center.