About the office of International Relations

The Office of International Relations (OIR) at Karpagam Academy of Higher Education stands as a pivotal nexus for cultivating global alliances with esteemed institutions and organizations worldwide, enriching the scholastic milieu and avenues for both students and faculty members alike. Demonstrating an unwavering dedication to cultivating international bonds, the OIR has adeptly forged active Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with prestigious counterparts in countries spanning the USA, Canada, Argentina, Russia, Northern Cyprus, Australia, Romania, South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.

These collaborative ventures encompass a diverse array of initiatives, encompassing student and faculty exchange programs, joint research enterprises, and initiatives for resource sharing. Extending across multifarious faculties such as Arts, Science, Commerce and Management (FASCM), Faculty of Engineering (FoE), Faculty of Pharmacy (FoP), and Faculty of Architecture Design and Planning (FADP), these partnerships facilitate academic endeavors ranging from specialized courses and collaborative projects to internships and research pursuits. Through these strategic partnerships, KAHE endeavors to elevate the academic landscape, foster cross-cultural learning opportunities, and propel the exchange of knowledge on a global scale.