Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering was established in the year 2009. The research specializations of the department are VLSI Design, Wireless Communications, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Digital image processing, Neural network, Human machine interface, Digital signal Processing, etc. A new Undergraduate Programme on Biomedical Engineering was added to ECE department in the year 2016.

Our department has a very good infrastructure for pursuing R & D in the areas of embdedded system desgn, VLSI desgn uisng cadence and Bio signal & Image processing. We also have specilaized labs like Embedded systems lab sponsored by texas Instruments , Full fledged Cadence Lab for VLSI design and devoplemnt of products on Low power, and area and also a Bio signal processing lab.

  1. Under Graduate Programmes
    • B.E. Electronics & Communication Engineering
    • B.E. Biomedical Engineering
  2. Research Programme
    • Ph.D in Electronics & Communication
Name Qualification Designation Email ID
Dr.G.K.D.Prasanna Venkatesan M.E., Ph.D. Dean & Professor
Dr.S.Bhavani M.E., Ph.D. Professor
Dr.P.Manimegalai M.E., Ph.D. Professor
Dr.N.Rajalakshmi M.E., Ph.D. Associate Professor
G.R.Mahendra Babu M.E., Assistant Professor
M.Darani Kumar M.E. Assistant Professor
T.S.Aravinth M.E. Assistant Professor
J.Shafiq Mansoor M.Sc., M.E., Assistant Professor
P.Sasikala M.E. Assistant Professor
V.Nandhini M.E., Assistant Professor
S.Baskar M.E.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
  • Communication system lab
  • Digital Electronics lab
  • Digital Signal Processing lab
  • Microprocessor lab
  • Electronics devices and circuit lab
  • Communication System lab
  • Linear Integrated Circuits lab
  • Optical and Microwave lab
  • Texas Instruments Lab

Paper publications by the Faculty Members

Best Five Papers Faculty wise:


  1. Bhavani,S and Thanushkodi,K., 2013 “Comparison of Fractal Coding Methods for medical Image compression”, International Journal IET Image Processing,Vol.7, No.7, pp. 686-693(Impact factor 1.044).
  2. Bhavani, S and Thanushkodi, K., 2012 “ A New Algorithm for Fractal Coding Using Self organizing map”, Journal of Computer Science,(SCI index:0.51)Vol. 8, No. 6, pp. 841-845.
  3. Bhavani, S and Thanushkodi, K., 2013 “Neural based domain and range pool partitioning using Fractal Coding for nearly lossless Medical Image Compression ”, WSEAS Transactions on Signal Processing(impact factor:0.41) ,Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 11-20.
  4. Bhavani,S and Thanushkodi,K., 2012 “ Improving the Performance of Fractal Based quasi lossless Medical Image coding Scheme using Machine learning based Partitioned and Domain Range Pools”, European Journal of Scientific Research”(SCI:0.713),Vol. 68, No. 4, pp. 475-486.
  5. Bhavani,S and Thanushkodi,K., 2012 “A Novel Fractal Image coding for Quasi lossless Medical Image Compression”, European Journal of Scientific Research” ”(SCI:0.713),Vol. 70 , No. 1, pp. 88-97.


  1. Dr.P.Manimegalai, “Wavelet based cardiovascular parameters estimation system from ECG and PPG signals”, European Journal of Scientific Research, ”(SCI:0.713) Vol.65, No.4, pp. 453-468, December 2011.
  2. Dr.P.Manimegalai “Hand Gesture recognition based on EMG signal using ANN”, International Journal of Computer Applications, (impact factor:0.791)Vol.2,Issue.3,pg-31-39,March2013.
  3. Dr.P.Manimegalai “.Analysis of pressure wave to determine the augmentation index for preventing premature death” IEEE Proceedings of Northeast Bioengineering Conference(NEBEC 2012) at Philadelphia, United States, March 2012.
  4. Dr.P.Manimegalai “Real time implementation of extraction of ECG characteristic Feature Points using discrete wavelets”, Global Journal of Research in Engineering, Vol. XII , Issue 1, Jan 2012.
  5. Dr.P.Manimegalai “An Early Prediction of Cardiac Risk using Augmentation Index Developed based on a Comparative Study”, International Journal of Computer Applications, Vol. 49, No. 15, July 2012(impact factor:0.821).

Dr. Kamlaraj Subramaniam

  1. Paulraj M P, Kamalraj Subramaniam, Sazali Bin Yaccob, Abdul Hamid Bin Adom, Hema C R, 2014 “Effect of Auditory Evoked Potential Response in Hearing Loss: A Review”, Journal Of open biomedical Engineering, vol 8, 1-9,. [ISSN: 1874-1207](SCI:0.349).
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  5. K. P. Sridhar , C. R. Hema, 2016 “Comparative Study of Design and Analysis of Gripper Systems for Bore well Rescue Operation”, IJCAET,Vol 8.

Mr.J.Shafiq Mansoor

  1. Shafiq Mansoor J , A M Kiran, 2013.” Improved Error Correction Capability in Flash Memory using Input / Output Pins”, International Journals of Advanced Information Science and Technology, Volume 12.
  2. Shafiq Mansoor J ,Vinmathi.M,” 2013 Design of High Accuracy Fixed With Multiplier Using Linear Compensation Method”, International Journals of Advanced Information Science and Technology, Volume 12.
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  • EventsECE department / FoE & ICT academy Tamilnadu jointly hosting 5 days FDP on ” Data Science & Big Data Analytics” in our campus (UE block Underground lab) from 18 Nov 2019 to 22 Nov 2019.
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    National Seminar

    1. A one day National Seminar titled “How to effectively write a research paper, thesis and funded research proposal”, was conducted on 9th June 2017


    1. One day National level hands on workshop on “ VLSI Physical design using cadence EDA tools on 14.09.20177.
    2. Two day workshop on MOOC Initative by Dr.S.Kamalraj, associate Professor/ECE Department from 16.6.2017 to 17.6.2017.