Department of Pharmacy

Pharmacy is a unique Health and Biomedical science discipline that focuses mainly on drugs. The discipline covers a broad range of teaching and research areas from pharmacokinetics, drug-receptor theory, identification and validation of drug targets, agonist and antagonist drug discovery, molecular and cellular mechanisms of drug actions, disease-specific systems of pharmacy, drug modality development, pharmacogenetics and personalized medicine, drug development and clinical drug trial, to adverse drug reactions and toxicology

The department has found in 2015 with B.Pharm degree course with approval of Pharmacy Council of India ( PCI) New Delhi with Ref.No. 32 -1199/2015 – PCI/233/0-12 dt.02/09/2015 for intake of 60 admission and has since been deeply rooted in classical pharmacy teaching and research. Currently, we have a strong team of academic and research staff committed to excel in the pharmacy education and research missions. Our team has diverse research training background from clinical pharmacy, systems pharmacy, to basic molecular and cellular pharmacy. Many of our team members have medical training or pharmacy training to support clinically-relevant education mission to our professional programs including MBBS, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Nursing. Besides, the department is also well-positioned to train students from the Life Science program in basic and molecular pharmacy and toxicology, and equip them to become pharmaceutical drug industry and clinical drug trial professionals.

Under Graduate Programme
  1. B.Pharm.


Post Graduate Programme
  1. Pharm.D







Name Qualification Designation Email ID
Dr.R.Sundara Ganapathy M.Pharm., Ph.D professor
Dr.V.Loganathan M.Pharm., Ph.D Associate professor
G.Praveena M.Pharm.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
K.Gayathri M.Pharm.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
N.M.Gayathiri M.Pharm Assistant Professor
M.Kannan M.Pharm.,(Ph.D) Associate professor
A.Lalith Mukesh M.Pharm.,(Ph.D) Assistant Professor
V.Shivakumar M.Pharm Assistant Professor
M. Rathinasamy M.Pharm Associate professor
R.Kavitha M.Pharm Associate professor
S.Sudha M.Pharm Assistant professor
C.Aarthipriya M.Pharm Assistant professor
K.Prabakaran M.Pharm Assistant Professor
N.Subbulekshmi M.Pharm., Assistant Professor
R.Arivukadal M.Pharm., Assistant Professor
R.Krishnan M.Pharm Assistant Professor
P.Premnath M.Pharm., Assistant Professor
S.Ganesh M.Pharm., Assistant Professor
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