Department of Architecture

The young and dynamic KAHE that we are our need to increase the quality of Architectural education and also open up our perspective to global trends has continuously increased.

Established in 2009 with an intake of 40 students for the B.Arch program, we have raised our own bar and introduced M.Arch, M.Plan, B.A. Hons  with continual admissions proceeding successfully.


The faculty of Architecture, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education aims its energies to make it a University that is renowned in its peer circle and sets a target to make each and every student capable of facing the global markets. We aim to send every student as a compulsory programme for an exchange to different affluent countries based on the student’s affordability. We will then bring out collaboration between all the mentioned (NABA – Milan, ISAD Communicazone – Milan, ARCHIP Czech Republic , University of New Castle, SUMAS Switzerland, NSAD – San Diego United States of America, Sci Arc – California USA) Universities and makes it a sharing of knowledge process. We also aim to have a tie up with Universities stretching from the far South East to the West spreading from Australian Universities to the University in United States.

We also intend to strengthen our faculty with faculty exchange programs and to bring in faculties from other esteemed Universities for our guest lecture system.

In the span of about 15 years the Faculty of Architecture, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education will be on par with RIBA certified Universities like AAA – London, Boston University and other such contemporaries. We aim to stand tall as one of the best universities in India and also secure a standing at all the International Universities.

The need of such centre of excellence in Architecture exemplifies the need for a global outlook and we aim at achieving the same.

We at Karpagam Academy of Higher Education are determined to lead and demonstrate excellence through creative understanding of Architecture. We realize that his requires dedicated hard work and team effort of all stake holders.

We at Karpagam Academy of Higher Education are ready to strive  to achieve this vision.


Our medium term plan strategizes on strengthening learning techniques and quality through live research projects such as BInUCom. Such projects provides a platform to connect at the international levels with international faculties which encourages the students with a holistic broad spectrum about the challenges of the world. Research projects as such boost the theoretically bound education systems with practical analytics that form a part of a profound solution.

Along with collaborative approaches in our research projects, we nurture student exchange facilities with the intent of encouraging a pragmatic outlook amongst native students as well as creating a well versed basis for foreign students in understanding the contextual nuances of our vibrant setting.


Stretching ourselves into the vision of 3 years action plan, we are inviting a set of students from the University of BATH and University of New Castle to our University to attend classes with our faculties. We will in turn be sending interested students to that University for the exchange purpose.

Our research projects success can be gesticulated with the happenings of the BInUCom Research project under the ERASMUS funding. We intend to take many more such research projects which can put us on the altar of research options available for students.

Our Vision to make a global presence exemplifies with our activities that are chalked out for the next three years. We have now established connections far and wide into the European countries and the United States of America.

We have now arranged for an international workshop in Italy with the following Universities, Domus Academy, NABA in Milan have invited a set of 20 students to their esteemed university for an interaction with the faculty and students. They will also set a problem of design and help us find solution for the same.

The ISAD communicazone is another University which has also offered to conduct a workshop with regards to the different types of Interior design studies of which an extremely new subject to the Indian subcontinent is the Yatch design subject. The very welcoming response has been an overwhelming experience for the Faculty of Architecture, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education.

The American subcontinent has always been a lucrative global move out for most students in India. We have been on continuous talks to sign a MoU with New School of Architecture and design (NSAD) and Southern California University of Architecture (SCI – ARC). These Universities have been kind enough to accept our proposal for an exchange programme in the Universities for our Architectural students.

  1. Under Graduate Programmes
    • B.Arch (Strength: 80)
    • B. Des. ID – Interior Design (Strength: 30)
    • B. Des. FD – Fashion Design (Strength: 30)
  2. Post Graduate Programmes
    • M.Arch – Advance Design (Strength: 20)
    • M.Plan (Strength: 20)


Name Qualification Designation Email ID Short Profile
Ar.P.Kathiravan B.Arch., M.Tech., (Ph.D.) Professor Click Here
Dr. Paul Varghese M.Arch., M.S., Ph.D. Professor Click Here
Er.P.Sasikumar M.T.P., B.E., (Ph.D.) Professor Click Here
Ar.V.Balakrishnaa M.T.P. Professor Click Here
Ar.Bhuvanasundar MBEM. Professor Click Here
Ar.R.Sankar M.Arch. Professor Click Here
Ar.N.Arun Kumar M.Arch Professor Click Here
Ar.B.Vijayakumar M.Arch. Professor Click Here
Ar. Mini M Fowler B.Arch. Professor Click Here
Ar. Philip R J Fowler B.Arch. Professor Click Here
Ar.S.Kunkumadevi M.Arch Professor Click Here
Ar.M.R.Ramakrishnamoorthy M.Plan. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.K.Arunkumar M.Arch. Associate Professor Click Here
Er.P.Arun Prasath M.E. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.Sakthi Murugan Rajendran M.Arch. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.C.Vimal M.Arch. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.Anjaneysh M.Arch. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.G.Lingeshwaran M.Arch. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.S.Shivachandran M.Arch. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.V.Karthick M.Arch. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.S.Anirudh Associate Professor
Mr.J.Panneerselvam M.F.A. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.Aakash Ashok Bafna B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.Rishab Yogesh Sharma M.Sc., B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.R.Karthick M.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.S.Sivaram B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Dr.S.Alan ME., Ph.D. Associate Professor Click Here
Ar.Shrinee Bhatiya M.Arch Assistant Professor
Ar.Ranjitha Somesh Chitti B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.R.Kabilan B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.D.Karthikeyan B.F.A. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.M.Madhan M.Sc., B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.N.Senthilkumar M.Benv. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.D.Koushik B.Arch., MURP. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.R.Cherie Sandra M.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.S.Irfan Quaraishi B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.K.P.Rajkumar B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.G.Jayanandhini B.Arch., M.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.M.J.Abitha B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.G.Arshia B.Arch. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.V.Janani B.Arch., IMIAD. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.V.Anu Vijay B.Arch., MURP. Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.Aashish Raichuraa M.Arch Associate Professor
Ar.K.T.Aiswaryaa M.Arch Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.R.Subanitha M.Arch Assistant Professor Click Here
Ar.Gayathri Kaiyanasundaram M.Arch Assistant Professor
Ms.Srivarshni Eswaran Assistant Professor
Mr. Subash M Assistant Professor
Ms. Hemamalini S Assistant Professor
Ms. Sruthi V Assistant Professor
Ms. Alagu Aishwarya R.M Assistant Professor
Ms. Priya Dharshini M.S Assistant Professor
Ms. I. Archana Rosry B.Des., M. Sc Assistant Professor
Ms. A. Ninitha M. Arch Assistant Professor
Ms.J.Nethra Assistant Professor
Ms. K. Pranavaa Assistant Professor
Ms.S. Reehana Kamarnisha Assistant Professor
Ms.A. Nithya Assistant Professor
Ms.T. Saravana Priya Assistant Professor
Ar. Elwin Martin Assistant Professor
Ms. S. Janani Assistant Professor


  • Studios -10
  • Lecture Theater – 6
  • Computer Lab for UG & PG
  • Seminar hall and Exhibit area -2
  • Art Court
  • Library and Digital Library
  • Climatology lab
  • Model making lab
  • Carpentary workshop
  • Store facilities
  • Material Museum
  • Staff rooms – 3


Ar. M.R.Ramakrishnamoorthy

  1. Ar. M.R.Ramakrishnamoorthy, “Applications of Smart materials” Proceedings of the National Conference “Recent advances in Civil Engineering Research”, Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, Coimbatore – 2011.
  2. Ar. M.R.Ramakrishnamoorthy, Disaster Management – “Management Scenarios for Effective Implementation and Rehabilitation” Proceedings of the Conference “Progressive Architecture”, SRM University, Kancheeppuram-2012.


Ar. Vimal Chandrasekaran

  1. Ar. Vimal Chandrasekaran, “A Study on Sun Path of Coimbatore and Its Irradiation Effects on Buildings using Ecotect Software and Design Recommendations for Minimizing the Heat Gain”, International Journal of Architecture and Planning ISSN: 2456-0154 Vol.5: Issue 2

Alan Sekaran

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Ar. Jayanandini G
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Ar. Abitha M J

  1. Ar. Abitha M J, “Rejuvenating the Chennai roads-A futuristic ideation”, International Conference on emerging trends in design,architecture and Civil engineering ICETDACE2020


  1. Kolam Fest
  2. Kural Seminar Series
  3. Onam
  4. Pongal
  5. Christmas
  6. Freshers Talent Show
  7. Chakra Flood Light Cricket
  8. Mosaic – Exhibition and Magazine Release Football Tournament
  9. Social Activities – Cleaning Drive


Painting Workshop (II and III – B.Arch & B.Des Students)
Date    : 18th June 2018 to 23rd June 2018
Venue : FOA Courtyard

Study Tours

  1. South India
  2. North India
  3. International

Extra Curricular Activities

  1. National Association for students of acrchitecture

Thesis Competition