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Karpagam Academy of Higher Education


  • Karpagam Academy of Higher Education is conferred with Deemed to be University status under Section 3 of UGC Act, 1956 in 2008.
  • Member of Association of Indian Universities.
  • Accredited with A+ Grade by NAAC in the Second cycle.
  • NIRF Ranking 2023, in the rank band 151-200 by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  • NIRF for Innovation Ranking, in the rank band of 51-100 by the Ministry of Education, Government of India.
  • ISO 9001 -2015 Certified (Quality Management System).
  • ISO 14001- 2015 Certified (Environment Management System).
  • Arts / Science programmes approved by UGC.
  • Architecture programmes approved by Council of Architecture.
  • Pharmacy Programmes approved by Pharmacy Council of India.
  • Engineering, Architecture, Pharmacy, MCA and MBA approved by AICTE.
  • DSIR recognized Research Institution (SIRO) .
  • MHRD approved Institution Innovation Council (IIC).
  • CPCSEA -Government of India approved Animal House.
  • Drug Testing Laboratory approved by the Drug Controller of Tamil Nadu.
  • DST-FIST status to Department of Biotechnology.
  • NSS approved by Ministry of Youth Affairs, Government of India.
  • NCC approved by Ministry of Defence, Government of India.

News & Events

Happenings in our Institution
  • SERB Workshop on “Quantum Leap in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology”, 24.07.2024 to 26.07.2024, Dept of ECE, FoE.
  • 2 days Faculty Development Program on “Semiconductor Confluence: Innovations, Real Time Applications and Diversities”, 06.06.2024 & 07.06.2024, Dept of ECE, FoE.
  • 5 days skill training programme on “Corrosion protection Technologies for Construction of Buildings and Structures”, 22.04.2024 to 26.04.2024, Skill Development Centre, KAHE.
  • IIC Seminar on “Intellectual Property Rights: Emerging Issues and Challenges”, 22.04.2024, Dept of EEE, FoE.
  • Orientation Programme on “IELTS-International English Language Testing Systems”, 17.04.2024, FoA, KAHE.
  • Skill Training Program on “Medical Scribing/Medical Transcription”, 12.04.2024, FoP, KAHE.
  • Extension Activity on “Awareness Programme on Autism awareness walkathon”, 07.04.2024, Dept of Biotechnology, FASCM.
  • Seminar on “Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Food Processing Industries”, 05.04.2024, Dept of Food Technology, FoE.
  • Alumni Interaction session on Troubleshooting of Biomedical Equipment”, 05.04.2024, Department of Biomedical Instruments, FoE.
  • Three days skill training programme on “Autonomous Robotics”, 03.04.2024 to 05.04.2024, Dept of ECE, FoE.
  • Alumni Talk on “The Scope of Wastewater Treatment in Industries as a Career”, 03.04.2024.
  • Seminar on “Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodology”, 03.04.2024, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, FoE.
  • Workshop on “Gemini AI Tool”, 04.04.2024, Dept of AI & DS, FoE.
  • Workshop on “Gemini-AI tool”, 04.04.2024, Dept of AI&DS, FoE.
  • Awareness Seminar on “Legal Rights”, 02.04.2024, Personal Counselling Cell, KAHE.
  • Awareness seminar on “Cyber Crime – Awareness on Safety”, 02.04.2024, Gender Sensitization Cell, KAHE.
  • Two days skill development Programme on “Network Routing and Node.js”, 01.04.2024 & 02.04.2024, Dept of Cs&E (Cyber Security), FoE.
  • Workshop on “Techniques in Molecular biology”, 01.04.2024, Department of Microbiology, FASCM, KAHE.
  • Orientation Program on “GATE-Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering”, 27.03.2024, FoA.
  • Outreach program on “Play-way method to enhance communication skills”, 25.03.2024, Dept of Science and Humanities, FoE.
  • Seminar on “Application of Image Compression in Telemedicine”, 22.03.2024, Dept of Biomedical Engineering, FoE.
  • Career Guidance Program on “Career Opportunities through IELTS & TOEFL”, 22.03.2024, Dept of CSE, FoE.
  • Extension activity on “First time voter’s awareness PRogram- Rally”, 22.03.2024 at Othakalmanabam, NSS Program Officer, KAHE.
  • Career Guidance Program on “Unlocking Career Paths: ATE Program Opportunities”, 21.03.2024, Dept of CSE, FoE.
  • Guest Lecture on “Cybercrime Investigations and Forensics”, 21.03.2024, Dept of CSE(Cyber Security), FoE.
  • 3 days Hands on Training Program on “Arduino and its IOT applications”, 20.03.2024 to 22.03.2024, Dept of EEE, FoE.
  • Guest Lecture on “Exploring Transaction Management and Concurrency Control in Database Systems”, 20.03.2024, Dept of CSE, FoE.
  • Guest Lecture on “Bootstrap Framework”, 20.03.2024, Dept of CSE (Cyber Security),FoE.
  • Awareness Programme on “Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye”, 20.03.2024, Extension Programme, KAHE.
  • Alumni Talk on “Practical Utilization of Strength of Materials in Real-World Situations”, 18.03.2024, Dept of Civil Engineering, FoE.
  • 20th State Level Silambam Training , workshop from 16.03.2024 to 17.03.2024, Physical Education, KAHE.
  • One day Career Counselling Programme, 15.03.2024, Centre for Career Counseling and Competitive Examinations, KAHE.
  • One Day National Level Conference on “Innovation in Civil Engineering”, 15.03.2024, Department of Civil Engineering, FoE.
  • Extension Activity on “Save Energy, Thrive Tomorrow, Conserve Energy”, 15.03.2024, Dept of EEE, FoE.
  • Alumni Talk on “Global Math Opportunities for Graduates”, 14.03.2024, Dept of Mathematics, FASCM.
  • Three Days International Conference on Drug Discovery and Development: 4th Dimension Era”, 13.03.2024 to 15.03.2024, Dept of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, FoP.
  • National Startup Conclave cum Expo Mania 2K24 “Exploring the Future of Food Innovation”, 15.03.2024, Dept of Food Technology, FoE.
  • Seminar on “AI-Powered Data Science: Unleashing Intelligence Insights”, 15.03.024, Dept of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, FoE.
  • Alumni guest Lecture on “How to Build a Career in the Stock Market”, 15.03.2024, Dept of Chemistry, FASCM.
  • Two Skills Development Programme on “Python Powered AI and Data Science Dive”, 14.03.2024 & 15.03.2024, Dept of Artificial Intelligence and Data Science, FoE.
  • Skill Development Programme on “Software Development Skill and Software Testing Skill”, 14.03.2024 & 15.03.2024, Dept of CSE, FoE.
  • Seminar based on Career Opportunities through ATE, 13.03.2024, Dept of CS (Cyber Security), FoE.
  • Workshop on “Fintech-Start-up App Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs”, 13.03.2024, Dept of Management, FASCM.
  • Guest Lecture on “Modernizing Collaboration:Exploring the Intersection of Databases, Cloud Computing and Virtualization”, 11.03.2024, Dept of CSE, FoE.
  • Workshop on “Designing the future: A SolidWorks Workshop on innovation”, 11.03.2024, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, FoE.
  • Seminar on “Current Status of Research Publications in India”, 09.03.2024, Dept of Chemistry, FASCM.
  • Workshop on “Image Synthesis and Generation using Generative Adversarial Networks with Hands on training”, 08.03.2024, Dept of CSE, FoE.
  • Women’s Day Events liaison with NGOs under “University speaks SDG” focusing on the Goal 4,5,10 & 16 , 08.03.2024, NCC, KAHE
  • Seminar on “Achieving Problem Solution Fit and Product Market Fit”, 08.03.2024, Dept of Computer Science, FASCM.
  • National Conference on “Advances in Materials, Manufacturing and Thermal Science “, 08.03.2024, Department of Mechanical Engineering, FoE.
  • Two days Intra-University and Inter Collegiate Meet (MANALTICS 2K24) , 07.03.2024 & 08.03.2024, Dept of Management, FASCM
  • International Conference on “Challenges & Scopes in Information and Communication Engineering”, 07.03.2024, Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, FoE.
  • Celebration of “Research Day 2024”, 01.03.2024, IQAC, KAHE.
  • State Level Technical Symposium (STRINGZ 2K24) , 01.03.2024, Dept of Computer Technology, FASCM.
  • Skill Training Programme on “Molecular Diagnostics”, 01.03.2024, Skill Development Centre, FoE.
  • Seminar on “Performance Testing and Reconditioning of IC Engines”, 01.03.2024, Dept of Mechanical Engineering, FoE.






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