10 assumptions in IT field, to keep away from

10 assumptions in IT field, to keep away from

During every business project, certain assumptions are made to help the project teams and other stakeholders to set specific goals and strategies to achieve the objectives. The assumptions must be spot on, so that there is no wastage of time. One should know the strengths and weaknesses of a business to make the right assumptions by acquiring information from every stakeholder. KAHE, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides necessary guidance to the students on making the right assumptions.

1. Technology

In some companies, the resources of technology are procured internally while they are outsourced in other companies. When technology is outsourced, one should be careful and informed about the availability of the resources so that the assumptions can be made according to that to avoid confusions.

2. Time

Either it is money or other resources, the availability changes over time. It is important to note that, proper safety measures are taken to ensure that they are available during an emergency. The assumptions should be made by having the future in mind.

3. Resources

In every project, we need a lot of resources for successful completion. When we allocate resources, we should make sure that they are sufficient till the end of the project and the alternative ways to acquire them when there is a sudden need. KAHE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore makes the students learn the importance of proper resource utilization.

4. Finance

The cost incurred in a project has to be finalized before getting into it. The financial assumption should be focused on the funding capacity in order to not to create any losses for the stakeholders.

5. Location

The location and condition of the work environment is crucial in determining the output of the project. The assumptions must be made in line with the changes in location and the available facilities.

6. Quality

Any project must focus on the quality of work before anything else. The expectation of the clients varies from one company to another and the specifications mentioned must be well observed and fulfilled.

7. Strategy

There should be specific strategies to achieve the business goals and satisfy the stakeholders of the project. The focus should be on implementing the business strategies as planned in the beginning.

8. Mindset

One should be very careful on the selection of resource providers for a project. We may get various options during the process but our mindset should be clear and driven towards the achievement of our target.

9. Talent

While assigning the project works to the individuals, the capabilities of the individuals should be considered and the right tasks must be assigned to the right person to ensure quality and productivity.

10. Policy

The policies of the company and the project should align with the policies of the Government. Everything must be done in a legal way without giving any room for errors.

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