Why Choose KAHE? Exceptional Placement Records, Internship Opportunities and Sports Excellence

After completing your schooling, it is always a complex task to decide which is the right college to pursue further. The right college helps to achieve your personal and professional goals which are important for success.

Some students may prepare a list of criteria where it suits their lifestyle and meet the expectations in terms of academics. It is simple for you to narrow down the colleges once you have determined the factors. However, in this blog, we have compiled a list on choosing Karpagam College for higher education as the best choice and cover the benefits of getting a degree from here.

Why Choose Karpagam Academy of Higher Education?

Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, one of the private universities in Coimbatore, which offers quality education, provides an expert faculty team and infrastructure that students are looking for.

Here are five reasons to be convinced that KAHE offers the best for the students in both personal and professional life. Let’s discuss.

KAHE Provides Diverse Academic Courses.

The common advice is that any college you are considering, ensure they offer a major that aligns with your academic path. However, KAHE offers diverse academic courses which include 

Secondly, determining the quality of education of KAHE. The courses mentioned above are approved by the AICTE, UGC, DSIR, MHRD, and Council of Architecture. Also, accredited with A+ grade from NAAC in the second cycle for having the best academic programmes.

The curriculum includes lessons in the classroom and also field or track practice, community service projects, seminars, and workshops conducted in a technologically advanced setting. Students now recognize that it is their responsibility to promote the values of professionalism.

Thus, KAHE provides diverse career academic courses and opportunities that suit and can meet academic goals.

KAHE has an Excellent Infrastructure for Sports.

We offer importance not only to academics but also to encourage students who are interested in sports. The university has excellent sporting facilities, such as a professional cricket ground complete with a football field, a hockey field, and more. Also, it features a modern indoor sports complex with courts for yoga, badminton, basketball, and other games. Lots of sports facilities, fitness centers, and sports labs are available at the college. Also, we host several sporting events to give students a chance to explore and learn.

KAHE Placement Highlights.

We have a separate training and placement department of experienced faculty; deep domain knowledge works to impart the skills that today’s businesses demand. This department’s goal is to develop students and prepare them for a better workforce. Also, the prospect of interviews and campus visits is high, and more and more businesses are showing up for campus recruitment each year.

There is a training program for the students that includes soft skills, technical skills, and English language enhancement with modern labs. The club encourages students to become more capable of taking on leadership roles. Prominent individuals from the student community share their knowledge and skills across a variety of subjects.

KAHE has a Highly Qualified Faculty.

KAHE, one of the best engineering colleges in Coimbatore has highly qualified and experienced faculty members in each department

The primary objective of the college is to provide students to succeed academically in the classroom, developing into better versions of each other and experts in their fields. It will allow them to take advantage of potential career paths and meet industry demands.

Faculty assist students in making informed decisions and assist them to advance their knowledge and abilities in their area of interest while directing them through projects and practical-based learning in the various programs.

Internship Opportunities that Benefit the KAHE Students.

KAHE is more focused on assisting their students to attend the internship that helps in get real-world experience. Why does KAHE insist that students do internships?

  • Through internships, you can determine the ideal career path. Given the nature of corporate culture, it makes sense to investigate your potential, interests, and areas of strength and weakness. With this valuable knowledge, you’re in a better position to make sound decisions.
  • Internships are similar to challenges where you begin to recognize your advantages and disadvantages. You know exactly what your skill list involves when you return to college. You wish to enhance your performance as a business professional by working on a list of skills.
  • As you expand your professional network, you get to know leaders, experts, mentors, and managers. You have a safe network of skilled individuals who will support you in obtaining jobs and projects in the future.
  • The best way to get an insight into what’s going on in the industry is through an internship. You have the opportunity to collaborate with professionals and mentors in the field of your preference. This is a unique opportunity where you are urged to gain knowledge and resolve actual business issues. Your post-graduation employment will greatly benefit from the experience you gain here.
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