The Role of Internships and Projects in Securing Placements

Role of Internships and Projects in Securing Placements

In today’s market, employers need to look for resumes that highlight the relevant work history, whether it is from job experience, volunteer work, or attending internships. Thus, the top engineering colleges in Coimbatore, India, make it mandatory to work as an intern or on a project before completing their degree course. This is actually an advantage for the students to gain real-world experience that helps them focus on their career path. To put it simply, when you choose to work as an intern, where students can experience their skills, trainees will agree to work as laborers for a specific time. The purpose of an internship is to gain a new skill that is useful for a future career. In this article, you can discover the role of internships for today’s students.

The role of internships and projects in placement:

  1. Industry experience and exposure: The reason why an internship is important is that it provides relevant industry experience and exposure. It is a fact that theoretical knowledge is not enough if you desire to land a high-paying job that is relevant to your skill set. It is necessary to apply the theoretical knowledge gained in college if you choose to secure your internship. This helps to fill the gap between employers’ expectations and academic learning, which improves their skill sets. Even if it is a paid or unpaid internship, if you find it relevant to your field, then you should go for it and gain better experience.
  2. Career opportunities: Exploring various career opportunities that match your skill set is essential for today’s college students. There are various opportunities where freshers can apply to gain better experience and perform better with internships. When students choose to work in a specific field, they can realize that the chosen field is not something they would desire to pursue in the long term. If you end up in such a situation, choosing an internship is a trial ground for students who can experiment with different skills and industries while they can decide their goals, their passion, and the company for the long run. 
  3. Access to a variety of tasks and departments: You might be given daily tasks in certain internships. Others may introduce you to the responsibilities and tasks of various departments. You might participate in meetings, assist senior management, finish small project tasks, or watch how the office runs daily. If your area of study is broad, an internship may be beneficial.
  4. Build a professional network: A beneficial plan for growing your professional network is through internships. Developing professional relationships and networking with people in your industry can help you in the future by increasing your chances of being recommended for available jobs. Professionals you meet during your internship may be important contacts for future employment opportunities, so showing your passion, interest, and dedication to the work can help them recognize your potential.
  5. Career guidance from interns or projects: You may study a variety of subjects in college or university to discover your interests. For some students, figuring out exactly what sort of profession they want is made easier with a college degree. An internship could help others choose the right career path. You may get first-hand industry experience through an internship. It can explain to you the everyday demands and responsibilities of a profession without requiring you to make a firm commitment to that particular field. It can also assist you in determining if a particular job matches your skill set and personality.
  6. Build Confidence: You might experience a variety of feelings when you go from college or university to full-time employment, including excitement, ambition, hope, and anxiety. A smart approach to making this change is through an internship, where you would be exposed to the type of work you want to do in the long run. An internship can relieve the pressure of having to find a full-time job quickly and enable you to put your newly acquired knowledge and skills to use in a variety of real-world scenarios. As an alternative to just studying it theoretically, an internship can demonstrate to you how an organization cultivates leaders. You might get to see how well time is managed by experts, or you might have the chance to experience cooperation and teamwork in the workplace.


The above-mentioned bullet points may provide an idea of why it is essential to attend internships and projects to secure placement in a desired company. Even the best Arts and Science College in Coimbatore lets the students work as interns, whether it is a small company or as freelancers. You need to remember that an internship is the beginning of shaping your future career and being able to acquire the skill sets. Therefore, make use of your internship as a training period to get into a long-term company.

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