10 tips to help you survive in your freshman year

10 tips to help you survive in your freshman year (1)

When you enter a college as a freshman after completing your school education, everything looks new.
You are into a new environment, new kind of education, you face professors instead of teachers, you
have no clue on how the institution will be, your class schedule will be different. Though there are
certain roadblocks, you can get through them and make your mark in the college during your freshman
year using some practical tips. KAHE, one of the top Arts and Science colleges in Coimbatore focuses on
the student welfare and it is the reason why the institution remains an obvious choice for the students.

1. Organize your schedule

The syllabus and the teaching methods will look totally new during the first year and it is important to
organize your schedule in order to complete the assignments and practical works on time.

2. Relax yourself

While making the right plans to complete your tasks, do not exhaust yourself without giving any time for
relaxation. Take little breaks in between your schedule so that you will be fresh again.

3. Avoid distraction

It is easy to get distracted while doing any task. Make sure you are fully focused while doing your college
assignments, especially during the first year. KAHE, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore
provides specific training to the students to stay focused.

4. Learn new things everyday

Use your leisure time to explore new things through the internet, by meeting new people and visiting
new places around you. You can grasp as many information as possible during your college days.

5. Connect with your professors

During the first year of your college life, it is very important to talk to your professors and create a
rapport with them. It will help you receive personal tips from them and also eliminate your college fear.

6. Do not hesitate to ask

Be it your professors, staff, classmates or friends, do not hesitate to ask for help when you need them. It
will help you to reduce your distance with people and equip yourself with the necessary resources.

7. Sleep well

In a world surrounded by technology and gadgets, the students spend most of their time with mobile
phones and laptops. It is very important to have sufficient sleep, a minimum of 6 to 8 hours everyday, to
perform well in their studies.

8. Have your ‘me’ time

You will be filled with loads of assignments and other tasks during your freshman year. Even though it is
important to finish them on time, do not forget to have time for yourself everyday or once in a week
where you spend your time only on things that you love.

9. Focus on your individuality

You might be influenced by many in your college, particularly during the first year but always try to be
yourself without being submissive. Hear everyone but let the final decision be yours in every aspect of
your life.

10. Make use of the college resources

There are wide range of resources in an institution like library, labs, meditation rooms, gyms etc. Make
good use of those resources right from your first year and derive all the benefits.

Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, one of the top colleges in Coimbatore is your destination to
pursue quality higher education. KAHE is focused towards making education an experience for the
students with career oriented training and development of soft skills. KAHE delivers holistic education
with well-equipped technical facilities and an atmosphere for peaceful learning.

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