A Beginner’S Guide To Technical Interviews

A Beginner’S Guide To Technical Interviews - KAHE

Technical interviews can be a puzzle for most. From writing a binary tree out on a whiteboard or giving explanations for sorting algorithms, you have to be prepared for all the technical programming questions for such interviews.

But there is more than that because, in reality, most of the developers would be able to solve any common programming interview questions with noticeable variance with their answers. So what makes you an ideal choice to be selected? This is what we will be covering in these segments with our next five tips.

1. Explain reasoning and problem-solving mindset

When the interviewer puts you in a situation that demands significant mental energy and focus, the first option is to go into a deep state of mind. Although it might be helpful for you in problem-solving, the same is not helpful for the interviewer.

The point here is that they want to know how you uncovered your problem-solving approach. KAHE, the Best Management College in Coimbatore prepares you to find the answers to questions such as What is your process? Process of breaking various components, concluding a solution, your actions in case you are unable to find solutions, come up with better code experimenting and sketching something out on a whiteboard.

2. Be ready with more than one solution

Having one solution for a problem is a rare sight and each problem has an infinite set of incorrect solutions. So, if you are approaching to solve a problem in only one way, you are missing a major opportunity to prove your range of flexibility and skill set.

KAHE, the Top IT College in Coimbatore makes sure that you are opening the gate of discussion regarding a particular problem and solve it for different scenarios. This validates that you are seeking a problem with multiple solutions and have the required adaptability, flexibility, and awareness.

3. Be open with sharing opinions

At times, while working on problems, your solutions will be derived from your taste and opinion. And that is fine since your employers might just be interested in your opinion! Reason being that the way you think and solve a situation makes a big difference in the existing culture of the company. This shows that you have the leadership and technical maturity qualities as a developer which you have gained at KAHE, the Best Commerce College in Coimbatore.

4. Avoid answering with “I don’t know”

Make sure you are never-ending the interview question with “I don’t know” since knowing nothing will not be an option while you will be on job. A better response would be to go with “I don’t know how to solve that but this will be my approach to figure things out”. This answer should be followed by telling your approach on how you would tackle the problem. You will be in a much better position with explaining in which direction you would move rather than being blank.

5. Be a team member

Your job should always remain around planning stuff that brings all the team members together until or unless you are a freelance developer. The team’s success should always be paramount. But how do you communicate this mindset in the interview?

Let’s find out:

1. Never discuss problems in a way that they can’t be solved

Be it any problem or project, you would be moving with resource requirements and limits, so make sure you are showing awareness and positivity in terms of the context of the problem. Any problem that can be solved with correct resources and managed under budget would always be a great solution.

2. Show your expertise on the existing team

Sometimes the best solution to a question can be found out from any of your team members once you work collaboratively on it. This is done when you have the expertise in knowing your team and making the best out of it to derive the best solution.

3. Show team drive clear communication

KAHE, the Top IT College in Coimbatore tells you the importance of having clear communication and coming right out on top for it. You have to ensure that your employers know you are setting clear communication with all your team members, and they are fully aware towards the goal. This will help the company to succeed instead of sitting at a desk and coding all day.

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