Best Courses After The Third Year Of Arts: Future, Scope, And Career Opportunities

Best Courses after 12th Arts Future Scope and Career Prospects

Confusion might be taking up space in your head when you have recently passed your 12th standard with arts as your specialization. So where are you looking to start with? This question is common amongst many students today, but lucky for them, there are many options in front of them, such as KAHE, a top college in Coimbatore. A few years ago, 12th arts students didn’t have too many options, but with the emergence of many specialised fields in education, the scenario isn’t just the same. In the following segment, we will be talking about the best undergraduate degree options you have after finishing your 12th year of arts.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) is an abbreviation for Bachelor of Science (BS).

The first choice to go with is the BA degree, which is a 3-year undergraduate course. A great option for those interested in both performing and visual arts. This degree at KAHE, the top BA in Tamil College in India, will help you hone your natural talents in the arts, and you can choose from either of these specialisations and have a creative career in professions like choreographer, illustrator, teacher, librarian, museum curator, writer, and film-maker.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

If you have an interest in managerial careers, you can choose to do BBA at KAHE, the Top 10 art college in Coimbatore after your 12th arts graduation. The BBA degree is a 3-year degree course that will teach you all about business management and all the aspects involved in it like finance, accounting, human resources management, operations, and marketing. These are also specialisations like marketing, finance, human resources management, and operations that you can have a career in after completing the BBA course.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)

Being an artist is a dream for many, and so, accordingly, you should look to enrol in the BFA degree course at KAHE, the best private university in Coimbatore. Going with this 3-year degree course would be a perfect choice for those who are good at photography, art or sculpting. Depending on which university and college you attend, you can also specialize in performing arts and pursue a career in music, dance, or theatre.

BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)

The first mandatory skill required to pursue a career in BCA is good technical skills and a keen interest in software and application development. This 3-year degree will help you get a strong, high-paying career in the IT industry once you have completed the study from the first choice of Coimbatore degree college. The BCA degree seems to be an equally good option like engineering degree and this makes you eligible for careers such as application developer, software developer, blockchain developer, data scientist, and cybersecurity expert.

Bachelor of Mass Communication (BMM)

The BMM degree is a 3-year degree course that is growing in popularity. This degree makes you eligible to be a part of the mass media like radio, the internet, television, newspapers, and magazines. Media is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country, and the BMM degree helps you take advantage of this industry. Equipped with a BMM, you can choose from careers like journalists, content writers, columnists, event managers, sound engineers, reporters, news anchors, photographers, proof-readers, fact-checkers, and editors.

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)

The BJMC degree course is for those who want to become media professionals or find work in the television or film industry. For this 3-year degree course, there are subjects like media law & ethics, media writing, media management, socio-economics, design & graphics & political scenarios of India. 

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