Chemical Engineering in Everyday Life

Chemical Engineering in Everyday Life

Chemical engineers are making an impact with the innovations of a long list of all products for today’s industries’ growth. The sectors include manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, construction, petrochemicals, food processing, microelectronics, advanced materials, business services, biotechnology and many more industries. If you desire to choose a career in chemical engineering, engineers need to know how to implement chemistry, physics, math and engineering tools to solve issues related to the production of chemicals. However, the best engineering college in Coimbatore provides degree courses in chemical engineering with specialized courses in biochemical, petroleum or metallurgical engineering. This article gives a glimpse of how chemical engineering innovations assist in everyday life and find inspiration to switch your career to chemical engineering.

What do chemical engineers do?

Chemical engineers produce new products and perform various tasks. There is a need to transform raw materials into a diverse range of products. In that case, chemical engineers are required to develop and design equipment or processes, plan and assess production methods, and oversee facility operations, besides shifting raw materials into products. It means there are various job responsibilities for chemical engineers, and depending on their specialty, the role is defined. Let’s discuss their job roles and responsibilities.

Chemical engineers are in demand at:

  • Mineral-based industries
  • Petrochemical plants
  • Petroleum refining plants
  • Refineries
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Paint manufacturers
  • Textile sector
  • Plastics and explosives
  • Synthetic fibre units

Careers in Chemical engineering:

There are various career opportunities available for the chemical engineering courses. Let’s discuss the career options available.

Food scientist: Focus on essential elements of food using scientific methods and principles to research the nutritional value of foods, discover fresh sources of food. Chemical engineers also identify handling methods that maintain the safety and security of foods. Chemical engineers continue to research developing compost techniques and methods for food processing to increase the quantity and variety of food available.

Energy manager: They are responsible for looking into the utilization energy in construction or companies. Carry out different strategies to increase productivity, lower energy costs, ensure that strategies meet objectives, financial plan, and legal requirements. Energy managers need to implement safety precautions to lessen energy waste.

Energy engineer: Responsible for monitoring the development of energy delivery and transformation systems. Prepare energy capacity plans and evaluate how effectively energy is used in handling, assembling and constructing structures. It also includes identifying ways to improve energy usage.

Quality manger: Supervises a production or assembly cycle to ensure that all products follow the company’s established standards of quality. Their main responsibilities include developing and implementing quality control testing procedures and storing issues. You need to follow up, monitor, and review products at various stages of production.

Nuclear engineer: The role has the responsibility to develop and test systems, processes and instruments used to create and regulate nuclear reactions. They may identify uses for radioactive materials like medical diagnosis and treatment. The engineer’s role includes design, operate, maintain a nuclear power plant.

Petroleum engineer: The role holds responsibility for locating oil and gas to accommodate an organization’s need for these resources. Develop and design methods for oil and gas production methods, plans existing ones, and improve on them. They need to monitor and inspect current storage facilities for raw petroleum and flammable gas. Develop safe, effective methods for processing products made from crude oil, enhancing the feasibility and savviness of energy and chemical sources.

Pharmacy engineer: Essential to develop and produce the new products and procedures. They are responsible to develop a various life-saving products on large-scale. Encourage methods for effectively manufacturing drugs or medications. Chemical engineering techniques can be used to produce drugs, which improve process efficiency and lower costs by creating cheaper medications.

Biochemical engineer: Chemical engineers are responsible for managing various global issues like stem cell therapy to treat illness and biofuels created from algae to provide more eco-friendly energy sources. It is possible when transforming discoveries made in the field of life science into products and procedures that improve our quality of life.

In India, the scope of chemical engineering is growing, and it is evident in the increasing number of research firms, laboratories, atomic power plants and forensic investigations. Other than chemical engineering, you can also enroll in other specializations related to this field like biochemical engineering, nanotechnology, and environmental engineering.


A chemical engineering career is one of the most challenging and rewarding fields where it holds various opportunities to resolve global issues. Other than the above job responsibilities, chemical engineers have a great role in creating fibres to improve the safety and water resistance of clothing, and solutions to environmental issues like pollution control and mitigation. When working on projects, professionals in this industry can draw on a variety of components of their training, from process design and risk management to product creation and efficiency. Once you complete a degree in chemical engineering from a top engineering college in Coimbatore, you need to be ready to face the benefits and challenges of this rewarding career option.

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