Difficulties faced during Lockdown

Difficulties Faced During Lockdown

It was an unexpected announcement for the country when a complete lockdown was announced by the Prime Minister on March, 2020 due to the increase in COVID’19 cases across the country. Most of the countries across the world have never faced a total lockdown and it was a different feeling for everyone to experience this. In India, the announcement was sudden and from the next day, people restricted themselves to their homes and this new normal continued for about 6 months before the restrictions were lifted one by one. KAHE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides consistent training to the students to face difficult situations in life.

Indians are more stronger and confident. Though it was a tough time, we tried our best to survive and let our surroundings survive. The most important problems faced by the people is for food. There are huge amount of people who don’t have proper access to food even on normal days. This lockdown has completely paralyzed them and it was the NGOs and youngsters that helped them along with the government. When it comes to education, it was not easy during the first few weeks to provide education to the students in the same old way. KAHE, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore had taken every step to ensure that all the students received proper and equal form of education during the pandemic.

Later, India got hold of the situation and online classes took place across the country. Still, many underprivileged students were unable to get directly educated from their institutions due to the unavailability of a mobile phone or tablet to attend the online classes. Many volunteers supported them by buying them those devices. Also, the students and their parents were initially suspicious whether they could cope up with the online model and many found it extremely difficult. After a point of time, things got settled and the teachers and students got a great sync even on the online forum.

There were many incidents when the teachers complained that the students were not attending the online classes regularly. Many youngsters used this opportunity to try their luck with various games as they now had access to a mobile phone. The students were also not able to communicate effectively to their teachers as they do in their classrooms. This difficulty was also overcome as days passed by. All the stakeholders understood the fact that it was an extraordinary situation and we should get the best out of our resources. Due to this understanding, the social needs and the educational needs were fulfilled to an extent amidst the historical pandemic situation. The lockdown also gave a fresh confidence that we could face anything in life and survive with the available resources on hand.

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