Dos and Don’ts of Writing a Resume for College Students

Dos and Don'ts of Writing a Resume for College Students

Writing a professional resume is a crucial skill you need to learn and spend some time to learn the skills which changes the course of your job search. How should employers know about you? Resume is the only medium where you describe what you can accomplish professionally, illustrate what you can do for an employer or an organization and objectives. However, the Best Placement Colleges in Coimbatore offers the required guidance in creating a resume where you can get help from mentors or seniors. Since your first impression needs to be perfect, resume requires a certain factors like brief and precise, appropriate contents without errors to get into good looks. This article contains the do’s and don’ts when writing a resume for the college students.

Dos while writing a resume: Exclusive tips for college students

  1. Start with basics: Resumes need to have your details which are contact details, professional experience, skills and education. These are highlights which employers look at in your resume. Therefore, in your resume you should have your name, address, phone number and email address. Students who pursued in top colleges may have attended the internships or gained any hands-on experience, which can be included in the resume. Based on the job description or your specific field, you should include the proficiency skills and soft skills along with the education details.
  2. Clear and concise: Usually employers review your resume for fairly seven seconds and it is necessary to include the relevant information with the clear and concise language. Mention the accurate details which employer should make notice of with the simple and plain language. It is good to use the words like handled, managed, developed, accomplished which are relevant to the position and experience.
  3. Summary statement is necessary: It is important to have a summary statement which highlights your professional achievements, top skills and how you fit for the company’s needs. This is one of the strategies to stand out from others as it answers why they need to hire you.
  4. Highlight accomplishments: Your resume should mention the best examples of how well you utilized your skills and experience. This will speak about the potential of oneself and define what kind of employee you are. It is better to include professional experience, when you completed the internships or projects or volunteer work.
  5. Resume should match with the position: For each new position you need to highlight your qualifications and expertise which applies to the specific job requirements. This way, your resume gains attention. Therefore, review the job description carefully while tailoring your resume.
  6. Not more than two pages: It is important to keep your resume in two pages or less which avoids overwhelming employers with unnecessary information. You need to emphasize recent and applicable experience in the resume which the employer looks for.
  7. Honesty is important: It may be easy to exaggerate the truth to make oneself seem more qualified for the position, but you should never lie on your resume. If you exaggerate your abilities, the employer will be deceived, and if you are hired, it will become clear that you were lying. Trust yourself and your abilities!
  8. Do proofread: While preparing a resume, there are chances of making errors in punctuation, grammar, you need to proofread. If you fail to check, the hiring manager decides you may not take enough care in the presentation of your resume. You can consult with friends to proofread your resume before sending it to an employer.
  9. References: Before you begin the job search, include references which you may receive through emails or mentions about you. However, this is optional where you can attach the references as a separate sheet if only the employer asks for it.

Don’t dos while writing the resume:

  • Ensure your email is already in use which is completely professional and non-offensive. Your email address needs to have a first and last name and it is better to avoid the nicknames, numbers or special characters which represent an unprofessional.
  • It is best to avoid mentioning the unnecessary details like age, weight, height, marital status, religious preferences, or political views. This never includes your social media identification in your resume.
  • Avoid using personal pronouns like using I, my or me. Write your resume in the third person note it gives readers a new look.
  • Highlight your previous experience with detailed responsibilities and job duties. It is better to personalize your resume rather than mentioning the job descriptions.
  • The resume needs to be clear and concise where it is easy to read with five to six bullet points. This makes it easier to read and identify the potential, too many bullet points may lose interest. Ensure the mentioned details in the resume are relevant to the job.

Hope, the above-mentioned key points helps you in crafting the resume. Even the Top 10 Placement Engineering Colleges in Coimbatore, Tamilnadu provide guidance for their students from resume preparation to job search techniques.

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