How to scout for your dream internships, job, and career of your choice?

Tips to scout for your dream internships, job, and career of your choice

As a student studying Under Graduation, Post-Graduation or Doctoral Degree, you would like to get the best internship, top job and career options. But you might not know how to land up with the best opportunity. This article will give you clarity on how to scout and get placed in your dream internship, job and career of your choice.

The top 10 tips given below apply to getting placed in the internship, job and career. The procedure to follow is the same but only the avenues are different.

1.  Select the best college and university to study

When you want your dream internship, job and career the first step towards it is getting admission for your UG course in the best college. You have to do thorough research of the colleges and universities, whatever the stream it may be like arts & science, commerce, economy, engineering, medical, etc.

 In India, you can check the NIRF ranking given by the Government of India. You should look into the infrastructure, faculties, placements and many other things before joining a college. You should select some well-ranked universities by NIRF such as the Karpagam Academy of Higher education which is a Deemed University in Coimbatore with NIRF ranking along with an A+ grade by NAAC.

2. Study well & score good grades

Once you get admission into your preferred course it’s your responsibility to study well, understand the concepts and applications of your subjects properly. The most important thing is scoring good marks and grades without any backlogs. Because when you apply for any internship and job, your grades are the first impression which can give you selection. So, it is important as a student you score good marks in your exams

3. Research about different internships, jobs and career options

When the time comes for you to apply for your internship, job and career options, it is important to research about the list of opportunities you have. You can get the help of your friends, seniors and lecturers to get information.

You can also do thorough research on the internet. You can look for opportunities in India and abroad. You can start doing this research even after joining your course and gain information on it slowly. So, when the time comes to apply for those internships and jobs you will have clarity on what has to be done.

4. List down the internships, jobs and career options which you like to pursue

After researching, you should list down the preferred internships, jobs and career options. You should understand the process behind it clearly. They may also have some minimum eligibility like the grades and marks to apply for internships or jobs. Note down what has to be done. Start working your skills towards the internships, jobs and career options you have shortlisted like developing your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and other technical skills related to your field

5. Build the contacts

After shortlisting, try to connect and build contacts who are related to those internships, jobs and career options. You can search on LinkedIn and get connected to those persons. They might help you and give tips to get your dream internships and jobs.

6. Make a good Resume & Curriculum vitae

A resume or a Curriculum vitae is essential to applying for internships or jobs. According to the nature of the internship, job or career options they might ask you for a Resume or a Curriculum vitae. So, prepare them professionally. This builds up a strong impression for your selection and interview.

7.Learn to write cover letter appropriately

Some internship and job applications require you to write a cover letter. You should learn how to write it and make ready a basic cover letter which makes you look more professional. Then according to the nature of your job, internships and career options, you can edit it before sending.

8. Start applying

When the time comes, start applying. Apply with the deadlines provided. Don’t rush at the last minute. Follow up with the dates of your shortlisted internships, jobs and career options periodically so that you won’t miss any updates.

9. Don’t give up

You may not be selected for the first internship/job/career option you have applied for. You might fail in one or two and that’s normal. So, don’t give up your confidence and apply for various opportunities. You will definitely get placed in the best place. In each failure, you gain experience which you can use for the next interview.

10.Get placed in your dream internship, job and career

With confidence, consistency and hard work, you can get placed in your dream internship, job and career. You are the one who should make it happen and work for it with full motivation while you achieve what you want. Finally, these are the top 10 tips to scout for your dream internship, job and career of your choice. Karpagam Academy of Higher education is one among the Best Management College in Coimbatore that provides proper career guidance to their students. Students of Karpagam easily get internships in foreign countries and they also have a good record of placements in various MNC companies

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