How can students contribute to sustainable development?

Students Contribution to Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is another name for economic growth that is environmentally friendly. The objective of which is to achieve an optimal balance between environmental, economic, and socio-political sustainability.

Most of the deemed universities in Coimbatore have to find alternative methods using ideas and technologies. Sustainable development constantly motivates us to protect and improve our natural resources. All nations should be able to meet their basic requirements for employment, food, energy, water, and sanitary facilities. Everyone has a right to live in a safe, clean, and healthy environment. The reduction of pollution, poverty, and unemployment can quickly accomplish this.

Education is crucial in engaging students in the shaping and provision of essentials to future generations while preserving the environment. Let’s discuss in detail the real-time implementation. 

Seven ways students can contribute to sustainable development

Make wise use of recycling bins.

Recycling is the simplest and most popular way for people to support sustainability. It was made as simple as possible by placing containers throughout the campus. Even though they may not always go out of their way to discover recycling bins, students are more likely to recycle if one is close by. Recycling campaigns on college campuses frequently have a significant impact and are quite effective.

If you want to install the recycle  bins in the college, then

  • Find extra bins by working with the facilities staff of the school.
  • Clearly mark containers with accepted recyclables.
  • Bins should be placed in campus areas with significant traffic.
  • Create a group of volunteers to organize weekly collections of recyclables, weighing each bag to measure success.

Don’t waste food.

Students have to be aware of what would happen if food waste was a sustainability issue. Methane and other greenhouse gases, particularly those produced by the breakdown of food in garbage, have an impact on both air quality and public health. When we throw away food, we also throw away the water, soil, and energy used to grow it, as well as all the energy used to process, package, and transport it from markets to our homes. The following actions could be performed in the best arts and science colleges in Tamil Nadu or universities to cut down on food waste:

  • Allow the student to volunteer and help with the implementation of the cost-cutting measures with the food services.
  • Reduced plate waste can be achieved by eliminating trays, using smaller plates, and using reusable containers.
  • It is acceptable for colleges and universities to implement food donations.

Resell and buy in a sustainable manner.

In order to do this, you need to keep these three things in mind.

  • Initially, purchase used goods. This entails giving anything with a long lifespan a fresh start.
  • Second, make your purchases locally rather than having them delivered. Compared to shipping from outside of town, this promotes local economic growth and reduces carbon emissions.
  • Third, when you go, sell anything you no longer need or give it to a good cause. At the conclusion of each year, several institutions put together collections of unused items that can be given to freshmen.

Digital is also an option.

It will save you a lot of paper by switching to digital instead of paper notebooks, books, folders, and handouts. Most of Coimbatore college of engineering and technology make use of the available technologies to cut back on paper use. To make sure that people are actively reducing their paper waste, you can even set printing budget limits.

Water Stations around the campus.

Reusable water bottles prevent unnecessary plastic from ending up in landfills. The availability of numerous, conveniently accessible refill stations encourages students to switch to reusable bottles. Your carbon footprint can be reduced by almost 70% with the aid of refill stations.

Plant trees around you.

Our daily lives are stimulated and made healthier and more energised by nature. In addition to making cities more attractive and livable, the incorporation of trees into urban livability offers residents of urban areas a variety of advantages. A healthy urban forest requires adequate design, upkeep, awareness, resource allocation, and community involvement, all of which require ongoing commitment. Universities have a big obligation to make this strategy work because it helps to disseminate awareness in the minds of future generations.

As you can see, the majority of the best civil engineering colleges in Coimbatore or universities  actively practise planting and gardening to maintain a clean environment and add greenery to the ambiance.

Use cycles:

Stay fit and healthy, and also keep your environment healthy. Having a car simply contributes to pollution. One of the most environmentally friendly ways to get around is via bicycle, which only uses energy from your legs.


Colleges and universities have a crucial role in equipping future leaders with the skills and knowledge required to bring about positive change. Coimbatore best arts and science college assists their students in comprehending and addressing sustainable development programmes through education and offers academic and professional training focused on sustainable development growth solutions.

It is necessary that colleges and universities have a variety of duties outside of the classroom and the lab. Universities are important for improving the lives of not only their students, but also the lives of everyone in the area where they are located.

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