Impact of social media in different fields

Impact of social media in different field

It is a well-known fact that social media has become the basic requirement today to communicate our ideas to the world. It was the newspapers in the past followed by the televisions that helped tremendously as the major forms of communication. As everything in the world is bound to evolve, with the rise of technology, the need for social media is inevitable for any industry to convey their messages to the people across the world. There are different platforms in the social media and they all contribute in transferring information as soon as possible. KAHE, one of the best Engineering colleges in Coimbatore provides awareness to the students on the need for social media.

Social Media in Business

Social media is extremely helpful to the businesses in advertising their brands and specific products to large sections of people at a time. The use of various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram enables big businesses to give attractive advertisements with images, to announce discounts and to enable online shopping. KAHE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore helps the students understand the ways to effectively use the social media when they become entrepreneurs.

Social Media in Human Resource Management

Companies need talented employees to strengthen their businesses. In order to find the right candidates, most of the companies use social media by giving advertisements regarding the need for talents. Social networks like LinkedIn help in this cause as it focuses exclusively on the companies, working professionals and freshers. Most of the employees are recruited today with the help of the social media platforms.

Social Media in Politics

Politicians have been traditionally focusing on the street level campaigns and hour long speeches to win elections. Today, due to the immense growth of the social media, political parties have started using these platforms to promote their parties and ideologies. All the major political parties make promotions through social networks in the form of hashtags, blogs and memes. They have an exclusive IT wing for social media promotions.

Social Media in Education

Education has always been taught in the classrooms. In the recent years, education has also evolved and reached the social media platforms. The COVID’19 pandemic has made the educational institutions teach their students online through video calls using various social media networks and platforms during the lockdown period. The students are also informed on their assignments through WhatsApp.

Social Media in Society

The increase in social media platforms has helped to identify various crimes in the society. It has also helped to bring in volunteers together whenever there is a social need. Today, people can post a message in social media on the need for blood and get it in few minutes. This is the beauty of social media and it is helping the needy people and the unidentified sections of the society enormously.

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