Important role of social media during pandemic disaster

Important Role Of Social Media During Pandemic Disaster

COVID-19 is a pandemic that has hit the entire world when no one anticipated it. When the disease was first identified in late 2019, it was considered to be existent in only one country. Soon after, the disease was all around the world and the second wave of Covid is terrifying the universe. Social media has always been applauded and criticized for various reasons, but the fact is that we cannot communicate with each other effectively without social media today. During a pandemic like COVID, the social media platforms play a vital role than the normal days. KAHE, one of the best Arts and Science colleges in Coimbatore is committed towards providing the right awareness to the students on the social media.

The growth of social media has been phenomenal over the past decade. The advent of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has been helping us in a lot of ways, especially to communicate better. In tough times like a pandemic, the need for social media is inevitable in order to pass the information from one place to another in a quick manner. For example, when a complete lockdown was announced in March 2020, people were unable to come out of the shock for sometime and it was the social media platforms that helped them to a large extent in knowing what would function and what wouldn’t during the lockdown.

The fact to be noted here is that the people are being able to share information regarding the availability of beds, oxygen supply, vaccine through social media during a pandemic like this. Communication has not been so easy in the past and today many lives are being saved using social media. We are able to witness every day the social media posts by various people explaining their needs and the help done by various celebrities and other good souls after seeing those posts. In this way, the world has understood the tremendous usage of the social media today. KAHE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore helps the students understand the need for an effective usage of the social media.

The social media platforms are also helping the governments to tackle the pandemic by creating a basic awareness among the people on the disease and its spread. The daily announcements given by the government to wear mask and be safe, are reaching the people faster through social media than the traditional means. It enables them to be aware of the current situation, to follow the protocols and be ready to face the challenges. When we say that the social media is contributing immensely to reduce the distress during a pandemic, it is also a challenge to deal with the fake information that are being spread every day with a cruel motive to make people afraid. It is important to make use of the social media effectively and get rid of pain in this pandemic situation.

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