Overcoming Procrastination: Strategies for Taking Control of Your Student Journey

Overcoming Procrastination: Strategies for Taking Control of Your Student Journey

Do you have a habit of mentioning “I will study later”? But the latter never comes. This is one of the common issues that today’s students are facing. Procrastination is the act of postponing actions, which actually comes with the side effects of increased stress, and you may miss the time/opportunities. Whatever course of study you choose, college is a full-time commitment, always you get distracted easily and may lack time management skills when you also struggle with procrastination.

This is one of the common problems where students postpone their activities and are easily distracted. However, the best placement engineering colleges in Coimbatore also understand that the students who are just procrastinating just to escape are a barrier to their success. Here are the strategies to control themselves from keeping students’ second names as procrastinators.

What is procrastination?

It is defined as an action or something that needs to be done on time, letting it postpone. This often results in waiting until the last minute to complete the tasks, which causes you a lot of stress, and submitting just before the deadline affects the quality of the work.

Do you know why you procrastinate?

It is obvious that students are involved in various extracurricular activities like sports, jobs, or social commitments. Along with that, they need to take care of their studies, which makes them feel impossible to complete, and that leads to procrastination in the work.

Students who procrastinate feel either they need time to complete tasks or need a minute, so let’s do it later. Therefore, it ends up in last-minute completion missing quality and much stress.

These activities harm the student’s mental health and lead to depression or anxiety, ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder), and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The best engineering colleges in Coimbatore need to raise awareness among the students and take care of their mental health. So, the mentors and teachers need to look closely at the odd behavior of the students and provide the required guidance.

Strategies to stop procrastination:

Accept and acknowledge: Sometimes students may fail to self-analyze what they do. So, they need to be self-aware of how procrastination enters their lives. The first step is to ask yourself whether you have such a habit of postponing activities.

1. Are you simply feeling stressed out to start?

2. Have you developed perfectionism-based thought patterns that keep you from finishing a task?

3. What are the distractions you simply avoid to do the task?

4. How many hours are spent on social media?

These are some queries to identify the root of procrastination where you may be left out.

Lack of motivation: Sometimes students may feel a lack of motivation in their work or learning, which is actually challenging to complete. For example, when students are asked to complete research works in which the topic is unfamiliar or complex, it is quite hard to interest them in learning. So, let’s find out why.

So, if you’re feeling uninterested or detached from learning, ask yourself,

  • Why did you enroll in this program in the first place?
  • Find out how to make it interesting to learn the concepts.

It is better to find inspiration or visualize the end results once you complete the tasks. Finding motivation makes your time invested properly.

Make study environment: It is true that the environment has a great influence on doing activities. For example, it is difficult for students to study in front of television as it distracts them. Therefore, it is better to give them space to create a study environment. Students can really find peace in learning in a silent environment like a library on campus or any other quiet place in the college. It is true that your capacity to concentrate, as well as your general state of enthusiasm and inspiration, can all be greatly affected by your study environment.

How easily do you get distracted?

It is essential to avoid unnecessary distractions. The common distractions for the students are:

  • Difficult to keeping your hands off the phone.
  • I Wish to complete the television or web series.
  • Stalking or scrolling social media without setting the time limit.
  • Always have fun with gaming apps.

These are some distractions that put you in complete stress because you eliminate studying time and dedicate it to unnecessary activities. Understand your distractions, try to stay away, and set a time limit. Follow the schedule of your studying hours and fun time.

Increase productivity: It is not that you only suffer from procrastinating; therefore, group study may help students to overcome this. It also increases your productive time for learning activities and can also help you make new friends. Helping each other without the stress of complex work and sharing knowledge may motivate the students to learn more and better.

Overcoming procrastination is something that today’s college students struggle with during their college journey. The top MBA colleges in Coimbatore are there to support them, and when they miss the track of their studies it leads to stress. Hope the above tips help students identify whether they procrastinate or deviate from their purpose and how to be controlled.

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