Tackling the Issue of Student Suicide in Indian Colleges: Identifying Root Causes and Prevention Strategies

Student Suicide - best engineering college

There are various factors and reasons behind the issue of student suicide in Indian colleges. It shows the complete lack of understanding and preventive measures in addressing mental health issues. However, this diverse society has a social context in prejudging, treating unequal and hierarchical based on one’s identities including caste, class, and gender and these determinants or factors in suicide that lead to another. The best engineering colleges in Coimbatore will propose awareness, assistance and guidance to students focusing on how students can stay away through counselling and other metrics.

Even though we might assert that we understand suicide, it is a very complicated phenomenon that requires our time and attention. Similarly, as with most friendly issues, everybody appears to have an assessment on it. Suicide victims receive swift condemnation and even suggestions for reducing the number of suicides.

What are the factors that contribute to the increased risk of suicide?

1. Basic fear and academic burden most first-year students experience. Excessive stress and pressure to do well on exams can result from society, teachers, and parents’ high expectations. Some students may experience feelings of failure and hopelessness as a result of this pressure to succeed.

2. Stress, isolation, and a lack of support can exacerbate these conditions. Students need to talk and converse with their family or friends about their issues. Hiding or hesitating about something you really want to talk about may get you into bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety.

3. Top 10 placement engineering colleges in Coimbatore allow students to pursue from any part of India. So, there are a lot of students who come from far away and live far from their friends and families. This can cause feelings of loneliness and isolation, which can be especially challenging to deal with in a new and competitive environment.

4. Some students may have come from poor economic backgrounds. And may experience a great deal of stress and worry when they face financial challenges like not being able to pay for living expenses or tuition. This can make people feel hopeless and helpless.

5. Nowadays, digitalization is improving for the better but that also has negative side effects. Cyberbullying and online harassment are on the rise and may be a factor in student suicide. It can take many structures, like badgering, cyberstalking, or harassing through web-based entertainment.

6. Relationship issues, for example, separations, family clashes, can likewise add to reasons for student suicides. Students who live far from their families and don’t have a lot of support can have a harder time dealing with these issues.

7. When they are having difficulties, a lot of students in colleges are reluctant to seek assistance. This may be because of a fear of being judged or the stigma associated with mental health issues. Experiencing feelings of hopelessness and desperation can result from this lack of support.

What are the preventive measures that colleges should consider?

1. Enhancing their emotional intelligence:

First aid for mental health must be taught to staff, students, and teachers at schools and universities. Giving students access to psychological wellness counseling and assets, for example, advising administrations, support gatherings, and mental administrations can assist with the students who are getting their ideas or in need of assistance.

2. Taking a Positive Approach to Mental Health:

Students need to open up themselves to distract the idea of self-destruction or pessimistic thoughts. Need to focus on the inspirational perspectives about their emotions and help them to nourish their psychological well-being.

3. Character Improvement:

Personality development is crucial role in terms of preventing suicides and colleges need to provide the required support for the students to achieve their success academically and emotionally.

4. Students Need to Physically Fit:

Participation in sports is a good sign where you can let out the stress and emotions. Sports can prevent from these suicides attempts by boosting their self-esteem and self-confidence.

5. Economic Problems:

The economic issues like poverty, homelessness and unemployment should be addressed to resolve and reduce the stress, anxiety and depressions.

6. Cyberbullying Regulations:

Student suicides can be reduced by enforcing stricter policies against cyberbullying and enforcing stricter measures against online harassment. Some instances of this include keeping an eye on social media platforms, spreading awareness about cyberbullying, and challenging cyberbullies.

7. Family Support:

Students’ risk of suicide can be reduced by providing them with family support. This might entail providing families with resources and support and encouraging students to keep in touch with their families.

Now students have already experienced mental health issues or have received therapy. The top 10 arts colleges in Coimbatore should understand that suicide risk may be increased by environmental pressures combined with a propensity for mental health issues. Over 90% of people who kill themselves have a mental illness that can be diagnosed, as either a depressive disease or a substance use disorder.

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