The battle between Arts students and Science students during college life

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The difference between pursuing an Engineering course and an Arts and Science course exists naturally and it depends upon the interest and passion of the students to choose their favorite course. The choice of course also depends highly on the employment opportunity it provides. The employability skills are taught during the period of study for the students. The students are more likely to choose a course that guarantees them a better career and future. KAHE, one of the best Arts and Science colleges in Coimbatore enables the students to become better individuals once they complete their studies.

People who are more interested in technology often tend to choose Engineering as their career and those who are interested in creativity and designing, their best option would be to choose a course in Arts and Science. Engineering uses logic and application while Arts and Science deals with emotions and creativity. The designing of the products that we use everyday is done by the professionals of Arts and Science whereas the functioning part is taken care by the Engineering professionals. KAHE, one of the top Engineering colleges in Coimbatore aims to provide complete education to the students with extreme quality.

There is always a fierce battle between the students of Arts and the students of Science during their college days. Though it is mostly based on the job opportunities and the salary offered, it gets personal sometimes. Some of the students from both the sides tend to consider the other side inferior to them. There are always debates on the level of career opportunities one can obtain by studying either Arts or Science. A student with extreme passion for his/her education and extra-curricular activities can come out with flying colors after completing his/her degree in any stream though their growth level depends on the individual skills and knowledge.

While science is all about facts, art involves deep analysis. The students of Arts could develop their communication skills and analytical abilities during their college studies in order to become employable after the completion of their course. The students of Science are equipped with the essential skills to become employable with top companies. The variation in the types of companies they get employed in and the initial salary received from the companies becomes the topic of debate between the students of Arts and Science. The style of functioning is also entirely different between both. The role of teachers and parents is to make the students understand that it is not about the stream that they choose to pursue but the mental character and performance that makes an individual unique among the peers.

Karpagam Academy of Higher Education, one of the top colleges in Coimbatore is your destination to pursue quality higher education. KAHE is focused towards making education an experience for the students with career oriented training and development of soft skills. KAHE delivers holistic education with well-equipped technical facilities and an atmosphere for peaceful learning.

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