Things you should and shouldn’t do as a college freshman

REV Things you should and shouldn’t as a college freshman

My freshman year was amazing. Better than high school. You won’t hear a lot of people say that because, it’s not high school my man. You need to step up your game here or else you might be lost in the crowd. And as a freshman there are definitely a lot of things that you should and shouldn’t be doing in the first place. And let’s be honest, getting curled up isn’t one of them. So here comes the list of do’sand don’ts as a college freshman.


  1. Visit the college professor during office hours: Except that one cranky dude who looks like he wants to ban everyone; most professors tend to be very friendly and would be ready to share
    their knowledge with you. This visit will also help you in getting recommendation letters, some
    corner gains in the upcoming test and some unspoken advantage.
  2. Join the varsity team: If you’re good at sports, one thing is that you go and join a varsity team. Varsity team gives you a great chance to add some points on your report card before graduating and provide you opportunities in sports in the future.
  3. Join the Arts Club: Join an arts club and pursue your favorite art. You may never know how good you can get and if luck strikes, you might get a chance to display your talent. Arts club is also the best way to blow off some steam after a long day.
  4. Reading every single book in the library: If you’re someone who’s a bookworm, then reading in the library will be the best thing for you. Several college libraries are stocked with some of the best books and being a freshman, an added knowledge is A+ for your classes.
  5. Choosing multiple classes or changing major: One problem with students is that they don’t take enough care about what they want to study. They care of other’s opinions and get themselves into a box from which they don’t think. This leads you to have closed up thoughts. Change your majors and attend those extra classes to know what you want to learn. You might have chosen engineering but you might want to become an artist, so go explore what’s out there.
  6. Exploring the campus on your bicycle: Get yourself a bicycle and race around like a kid exploring the campus. Campus exploration will help you get to know those secret spots where you can spend some time in solitude.
  7. Meeting new people: One of the biggest things you can do in college is become friends with random people. They don’t have to be in the same class or same stream. Making friends with people from different departments will help you understand others much better. Since you will be meeting a lot of new people, be friends with your seniors who might pull you some favor in case you’re in trouble.


  1. Partying like there’s no tomorrow: You see, you’ve to be very responsible when you’re partying in college. Do not over-drink and get yourself in trouble because of peer pressure. Always make sure you’re conscious of what’s happening around you and never get smashed at any cost.
  2. Lending credit cards: You see the plastic card you got from the bank is for you and not for your friend. So make sure you keep it in a safe place. Credit cards in the hands of wrong people will put you in the spiral of unwanted debt, which will make your college life hell.
  3. Emailing/calling the professor at wrong times: The professor might say he’s available 24/7 but calling him at 12 in the morning and waking him up from his slumber might be inappropriate. It’s also considered a very sick prank by some people, so you might get into trouble for this. Make sure you hit them up during office hours.
  4. Trying to be popular: You may’ve been popular in high school but a lot of popular kids from their high schools are here and each of them has their very own reason to become popular. Instead being a popular kid, who’s hated by everyone, why not be someone who’s likable and worthy fit to the society.
  5. Spend money like you own it: This is college man, not high school where you ate fancy takeouts and junk food. Here every penny saved will bother you less in the future. And saving a penny will take that massive load of paying a huge debt of education loan off your back.

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