Top 3 Raspberry Pi Iot Projects You Should Try In 2021

Top 3 Raspberry Pi IoT Projects You Should Try in 2021

Raspberry Pi is a small computer that you can use as anything, from a router to a gaming console. Its versatility makes it perfect for IoT projects, which you will learn at KAHE, Best Engineering College in Coimbatore.

If you’re into developing IoT-based solutions, then read on since you are at the right place. In this segment, we will be discussing the top 3 Raspberry Pi IoT projects. Our list contains projects of various skill levels and sectors so you can choose one according to your interests and expertise.

1. Fighting the virus by estimating crowd sizes

Year 2020 and the followed up pandemic has changed the picture of the world entirely. We are adapting to these new changes by incorporating different technologies and habits into our lifestyles. If you want to build a solution to fight this pandemic, then you can work on this project, the basics of which you can learn at KAHE, the Top College in Coimbatore.

In this project, you’d build a Raspberry Pi solution that can estimate crowd sizes. We all know how crucial social distancing is. By determining the crowd size in a particular place, you can understand if people are social distancing properly or not. You can then use this technology in public places and help the authorities in enforcing social distancing guidelines with higher effectiveness. 

To estimate crowd sizes, your system should perform object detection. Object detection is a concept of Artificial Intelligence where your system can recognize particular objects present within an image. Apart from Raspberry Pi, you’ll need a Pi Camera, Python, and OpenCV too. After you’ve completed this project, you’d be familiar with real-life applications of object detection and AI. Moreover, you’d know how you can use technology to fight the pandemic once you get your basics clear from KAHE, Top IT College in Coimbatore. If you’re already familiar with the basics, then you can make it more challenging by adding more functionalities to it.

2. Build a Wi-Fi Range Extender With Raspberry Pi

Everyone faces the issue of ‘limited range’ when using Wi-Fi routers or devices. Wi-Fi routers don’t necessarily cover a big radius, and if you go out of that range, you start facing connection problems and eventually lose the connection completely. 

You can expand the coverage radius of your Wi-Fi device by using a Wi-Fi extender. In this project, you’d build one of these after getting equipped with the right knowledge from KAHE, Best Engineering College in Coimbatore.

It is one of the best Raspberry Pi IoT projects for the enthusiast of electronics communication. As it is an Internet-of-Things project, you’d be able to use the extender remotely, and you can automate it as well.  

3. Create an IoT-Based Agricultural Solution

We hear about the applications of technology in homes and offices, but in this project, you’ll build a solution for a garden (or a farm). Here, we’ll use Raspberry Pi to create an agricultural solution. KAHE, the Top College in Coimbatore would allow you to learn and build the moisture level in the soil and water it automatically. So, if you maintain a garden (whatever the size may be), you’d like this project particularly. It would help you in keeping your garden and remove a lot of your hassles. 

You’ll need a relay module, an Arduino, a soil moisture sensor, a pair of a pipe and a hose, a Bluetooth Hc 5, a solenoid valve, and wires. This project is a great way to learn how you can use IoT in real life and automate mundane tasks. You can start with a small potted plant, and after you’ve implemented the system successfully, you can move onto a bigger garden or a group of potted plants. 

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