What is it like to be in College?

REV What is it like to be in College

College isn’t dreamy dude. Bollywood movies would have shown you a lot of stuff but it isn’t exactly what’s happening on the ground. You will be doing a dozen of things that you wouldn’t have imagined you would be doing. College is a very bustling and dynamic environment. The amount of changes you will go through in your life here will be too much to handle. But then there are friends, professors and people around you, who will help you get back on your feet when you fall down. Life here will be a small
glimpse of what you will be seeing out in the real world.

‘Your professors will be friendly, but don’t take them for granted’

One thing that everyone seems to forget is that end of the day the person who’s taking the class is your professor. He’s around a hundred years more experienced than you’re and probably knows the world’s ruthless laws. Your professors will be friendly towards you because you’re no longer a child who needs to be spoon-fed. They will see you as a fully grown adult and expect you to act that part rightly. They will help when you’re in need (except for those few people, who always complain about everything), they
will refer you great study materials and get you in touch with connections that you probably would need in your future. But don’t take them for granted in this. Just because they’re helping you don’t mean you knock them around or fool around with them. Be serious and courteous as this will be the first lesson in your college life

‘Get ready for some different kind of friendship’

Oh ho ho! This is college and you’re not going to be everyone’s favorite. Unlike high school, you won’t be having too much guidance on what is right or what is wrong. Unless, you make some good friends, you need to have a radar vision. The initial few days you will be getting a bit tensed as you won’t know what’s going around you or you won’t be able to apprehend the state of affairs in the classes but when you fit the puzzle you will automatically be among a bunch of people who’ll make you feel comfortable. College life gives you a different kind of friendship which is wholesome and family like.

You might have thought only your school friends are like your best friends, but be ready for the people who will be carrying you around whenever you’re in trouble (and will take a proxy for you).

‘Assignments, Assignments and 75%’

Assignments will now become part of your daily life. The college will put you to test by holding surprise tests, quizzes, assignments every other week and much more to put you against the standards of academic excellence. You cannot while away with your time like you used to do in the schools. Your focus must be on every lecture and every book that you come across in college, library or anywhere else on the campus. And don’t forget the 75% attendance you need to maintain in the college. Unless you’re an athlete for the college, not coming to college is not an excuse (but don’t come when you’re sick).

‘You might be the next top athlete’

College is a place to hone your skills and showcase them. Apart from your hustle with academic schedule, why not take up a sport. You never know if you’re good at or not, if you don’t try. Be the best image of yours by trying the best you can and you might get chance to bring out the inner athlete inside you. And if you were also an athlete back in high school, why not continue your passion of sport even here too, because now’s the time to shine.

‘Finally, you will find what you’re looking for’

College is something not everyone gets a chance to attend. If you attend college then you’ve the privilege to listen your calling. The environment in college provides you the crystal clear clarity of thoughts you need to be the perfect man you’ve always been trying to be. So shed a light inside your
heart and find the voice of your soul, which will help you achieve your dreams.

Karpagam Academy of Higher Education is one of the top colleges in Coimbatore for Arts and Science. We’ve got the top infrastructure, qualified faculty and an upgraded learning system to keep students interested. As a student you might be tempted to show off you antics. We hope you enjoy your life in college but at the same time do not cause harm to others.


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