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Rev How to choose an ArtsScience College

Arts and science stream are part of India’s education. There are tons of entities who offer this vibrant combo. But why should I choose an arts and science college instead of IITs? Well good question. The problem is IIT has limited seats and writing and JEE would mean preparing for it like a die hard. This is not to discourage anybody but to encourage and look out for more options around us. People spend pondering over opportunities, missing the ones they really need to try.

Hey, it’s not the end of the world if you choose to go to an arts and science college. You get to meet a whole set of people who are not just different but share a common thread, that is for the thirst of knowledge. When it comes to combo colleges, they’re the OTT platforms when comes to celebration of festivals, extra-curricular activities, fest and sports, Arts and Science colleges make it in a grand manner. But here’s the catch, not all colleges are the same. Even here you need seek caution before you jump into that well. So here are few guidelines of how you choose your college.

Look out for options
There are numerous arts and science colleges in India. There count cannot be measured in fingers; instead you need a huge calculator for that. This means you’ve vast options. So many options that somebody swims the pool, he will drown to death. Primarily, see what’s in your heart and accordingly
choose a college. A small mistake can land a person in an alien place.

Brand Factor
It’s important to look out at the brand of the college. The more established the brand, the better it is for you. You see, established colleges have high impact factor in them. They’ve better facilities, higher chances of placements, better environment etc. Established colleges have accreditation and recognition and everything in place. This means the college has the right means to educate you.

The position faculty hold in your life shouldn’t be under-estimated. Without a good faculty, education will be useless. A faculty must be research driven; they must have real life experiences and should have gained higher qualification with experience. But in most colleges the management usually appoints post graduate candidates as their college faculty. This would mean that you’re getting duped. If the college appoints a professor with 5 to 10 years of experience and with research knowledge then the college really cares about your education.

Facilities offered
Since you will be spending a whole lot of money , facilities provided by the college must pass minimum quality test. You will be spending a good part of your time between your graduation in this place, so make sure the facilities are nice, clean and well maintained. Also look out for labs, libraries and other places other than residential complex so you get an idea where the institution stands. Many people are unaware of this factor and straight away close the deal.

The location factor
Location plays a huge factor. Most arts and science colleges will be dotted in your own city or town while some others will be out of the town. Depending on how you want to do it location will help progress in unique ways. If you plan to study in your hometown, then look out for colleges in your hometown, but if you want to look outside then you will be awaiting great experiences. It’s advisable to not to stay in your own hometown and lookout for something outside the box as it will help you nurture your public skills.

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