How to get into a Top Engineering College

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Every year during the admission season, there’s a wholaboo around how to get into a top college. To get into a top college you’ve to pass the criterion published by the college. Sometimes other than this criterion, certain colleges have their own entrance exam to filter out candidates they deem not fit. IITs and NIITs are prestigious government institutions, but there are several private institutions that compete in the same level as the IIT and NIITs. Here are our top tips for getting into a top engineering college this season:

Make your foundations strong
And the foundation is nothing but your 12 th mark sheet. With every stream in engineering there are its own test scores, getting good marks in grade 12 is very important. It’s a bonus point to someone who wants to get into institutions like NIIT, IIT or to any other equally prestigious campuses. PCM or Physics, Chemistry and Math make most of your grades if you’re planning to get into engineering. Excelling these subjects is an automatic +1 when it comes to consideration for an interview. Depending on your marks,
you’ll also have a play in terms of choosing subjects too.

Common Entrance Examinations Criteria
Common Entrance examinations like NEET, JEE etc. are huge competitive segments when it comes to getting into one of the top institutions. Crossing this river is very important. Based on your marks in the entrance test you will be given a pool of colleges, which are eligible to apply. So it’s important that you prepare early on. The higher your rank, the higher are your chances of getting into a prestigious university. One way you can prepare for this is by taking a bridge course during your 12 th grade as the syllabus for the entrance test and your 12 th grade is a little bit different.

Passing Basic Criteria
Certain private institutions in and around India have a very basic criteria for you to get into their institution. They’ll look into your 12 th mark sheet and certain academic and non-academic achievements and based on that, they’ll be providing you admission. For example, if you have the minimum marks for their sports quota criteria and are also good in sports, they will provide you a seat based on these considerations. Remember even though you get into a top institute, it’s always not about the academics; it’s also about co-curricular activities that help the college’s reputation.

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